Thursday, September 24th

Thursday, September 24th

This is the newsletter for next week: September 28-October 2 Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter. Thank you!

Library Books: The library book cart is coming to the Kindergarten hallway on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When you are finished reading your child's library book, please send it in their backpack on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday, and they'll be able to select a new book.

Friendly Reminders:

Please reply to my Community Helper email by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you! If you deleted the email, this is what your child needs you to do: Email me a picture of you at work, and write a sentence describing how your job helps others. Your child will be so proud to share about you next week. 

Please check and empty your child's Daily Folder each afternoon or evening. Thank you!

Message from our CES PTA:

A creativity opportunity for all CES students to showcase their talents in the PTA Reflections Program. Please review this flyer about the various categories and entry rules for students to START their project.