Tuesday, September 15th

Tuesday, September 15th

Typically, we have a two hour Curriculum Night in August when I meet with parents and share all sorts of important Kindergarten information. Teachers were not able to host curriculum nights this year, so as things come up that I would have shared with you, I'll share them on our website instead. Today I'd like to share about Exit Slips.

Exit Slips - Typically, at the end of each math lesson, I give the students a post-it note for them to stick on their math paper. Then, I ask them to do something that should be fairly simple for them to do if they understood what was taught during the lesson. An exit slip is a quick assessment, that lets me know who needs additional instruction on the day's lesson and who understood what was taught. Sometimes, you will notice that your child has multiple post-it notes on their math paper. This means that I gave them the directions again and asked them to give it another try. I hope this gives you some helpful insight into what you will see on your child's math paper. 

Please complete the forms that were shared in yesterday's post and in Mr. Hill's email from Sunday. Library book check-out will begin in the coming weeks, if you've completed the appropriate forms for your child. Thank you!

Masks- Please let your child practice putting their masks on, independently, at home. Students are struggling to put them on independently after water breaks, lunch, snack, and recess. Please also remind your child of the correct way to wear the mask- covering their mouth and their nose. 

Boosterthon Update - Thanks for making pledges for our school. Our class has currently raised $11.84 per lap! Way to go!