Thursday, August 18th

Thursday, August 18th 

The students had their first substitute today while I was out to administer the DIBELS test to other Kindergarten classes. I look forward to being back in the classroom tomorrow.

Thank you for continuing to participate in our Color Weeks daily colors! We are enjoying learning about colors. We have had fun painting primary and secondary colors this week. Ask your child about mixing colors to make purple, green and orange paint. The kids were excited watching the colors change as we mixed! I look forward to continued participation next week. 

Remember you can order your child a class shirt at this link: Class shirts. The cost is $7.00 You will want to be sure to order a shirt for your child because we will wear them often throughout the school year. Please reach out to me if purchasing this shirt is a hardship for your family. Thank you!

Please remember to check and empty your child's Daily Folder each afternoon. Thank you!

A glance at next week:

Reading - identifying beginning sounds, Letter Experts for K, L, M, N, and O. We are continuing to learn about rhyming words.

Math - comparing groups of objects as equal, greater than, or less than, comparing groups of objects to five, and comparing numerals 0-5

Helpful weekend to do list:

1. Cozy up and enjoy reading your child’s poetry notebook.

2. Wash your child’s rest mat.

3. Have your child practice rolling up and securing their rest mat until they can do it independently 3 times in a row.