Monday, December 11th

  • Monday, December 11th

    Please check your child's folder for a Practice Packet. Be sure to read the directions before beginning the packet. I hope you enjoy listening to your child read these sentences to you. 

    This week in 95% Phonics we are focusing on the following uppercase letters O, L, R, C, F, J, and W. Please click this link to read about more activities to do with your child. 95% Phonics Lesson 12

    The half-day Google Form needs to be completed this week. Go ahead and click this link to complete now. Here is the link again: Google Form for Half Days

    The Field Trip forms to see our CES Drama Club are due this week along with $3.00 cash. Go ahead and fill out the form tonight and send the $3 tomorrow. Thank you!

    Our party is next Monday at 8:15. It will be in the classroom. It is for my Kindergarten students and their parents. It is also our Kindergarten pajama day, so if your child has Christmas pajamas that would be perfect to wear to the party. No worries if you don't, any two piece pajamas will do. Here is the link to volunteer to bring items. I think the only remaining items are cheese cubes. Party Sign-up