Thursday, October 20th

  • Thursday, October 20th

    Here is next week’s newsletter: October 24 - 28.  Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week. 

    The next PTA meeting is Thursday, October 24th at 5:30.  The Trail of Treats will follow the PTA meeting at 6:00. We are still in need of candy for this fun event!  Each family that is participating needs to send an unopened bag of candy to be distributed that evening.

    The Book Fair will be open this coming Monday, October 24th. It will be open from 7:45-8:15 daily and will close on Friday, October 28th at 11:00 a.m.  In addition, if you wish to come and shop with your child, the Book Fair will be open during the Trail of Treats on Thursday night from 6:00-7:00 p.m.  Our class is scheduled to visit the Book Fair on Thursday, October 27th from 9:45-10:15.  If you would like for your child to purchase books, you can send money in a marked envelope or Ziplock bag inside your child’s daily folder. 

    We will begin our Science unit on Balls and Ramps on Monday.  Please read the important information on the newsletter linked above pertaining to this Science unit.  I also hope that you and your child are enjoying spending time together as you do the October Challenge that you will find at the upper right hand corner of our newsletter.

    October 24th-28th is also our Red Ribbon Week.  The following are dress up days for this week:  

    Monday- wear red to show “we are RED-y for Red Ribbon Week” 

    Tuesday- wear your favorite sports jersey or team gear to “team up against drugs” 

    Wednesday-  wear workout clothes to “work out your choices Wednesday”

    Thursday- wear mismatched clothing to “change poor choices to good choices” 

    Friday- wear pajamas to “follow your dreams.”

    Starting tomorrow, students will have the option to purchase ice cream only on Friday's. The cost of ice cream is $0.75. If you would like your child to purchase ice cream, please ensure there is money in their lunch account. You can send cash or check inside your child's folder in an envelope or bag labeled lunch money.

    Tomorrow is Rock Your School Day. Don’t forget to have your child dress up as a rock star. We ask that your child’s outfit is school appropriate and they wear tennis shoes. 

    As you know, the weather has become drastically cooler. Over the weekend please practice doing the following:

    Have your child practice taking on and off their winter coat

    Practice zipping and buttoning their coat

    Practice taking off coat without the sleeves being inside out

    Write your child’s name on the inside of their coat