Monday, August 29th

Monday, August 29th

Friday is a half day for students. I sent out a Google Form for transportation and lunch selection last week. Please have one parent fill out the form by tonight. Thank you, if you have already filled out the form!

Please return your library book daily after recording it on your child’s reading log. This week we are visiting the library as a class to create this new routine of returning our library book and checking out a new book. ALL students must know their lunch number. This is the number used to check out library books. Also, all students should have at least ten books recorded on their reading log. If you are below that number, there’s still time to catch up and reach the goal of 20 books by September 30th. If you have filled up your reading log, you can continue to record books on the back of the original reading log or on a separate sheet of paper. Remember, if your child has 20 books recorded on the reading log, they will receive FIVE Good Time Tickets on September 30th. If everyone in our class reaches the goal, we earn an extra recess. We can do this! 

Class shirt orders are due next Thursday, September 8th. We will wear these shirts several times this year. Please consider purchasing a class shirt. Here is the link: Class Shirts  

This week our writing focus is on writing our names. This includes making only the first letter uppercase. The rest of the letters should be lowercase. We are also working on writing our letters with correct formation and orientation to the line. That means tall letters are tall, small letters are small, and letters that fall should fall below the bottom line. All letters should touch the bottom line. Currently, our focus is on writing our first name, but you are welcome to start practicing writing your last name at home. 

We are also working on using scissors correctly. We talk about how our elbow is by our side, scissors are pointing away from your belly, the thumb is up and we use a straight wrist while cutting.  We tell students scissors go open and shut while the other hand is holding the paper firmly while turning the paper.  These fine motor skills are very important.  By developing their fine motor control, children are able to access so many more things, and become confident and able students.  It would be very beneficial to practice these scissor skills at home as well.

Remember to send one snack and a water bottle daily. We prefer the water bottle that has a straw or mouthpiece. The water bottled with an open top create a lot of water spills in the classroom. Also, remember that it should only be filled with plain water. Thank you!

Please check and empty the BLUE Daily Folder everyday. Some folders are returned to school not emptied and papers are falling all over the floor.

Thank you for reading this post and for your support! :)