Pre-Register for the 2024-25 school year

First Class Pre-K programs are accepting online pre-registration applications for the 2024-2025
school year beginning January 15th

• Enrollment is open to all children four years of age on or before 9/1/24* who are residents of
Alabama. (Children who are eligible for kindergarten are not eligible for pre-k.)
• Enrollees must provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate. (It may be uploaded into the online pre-registration site or submitted directly to the local school/program.)
• Enrollees must provide proof of residence – either a current utility bill or copy of a lease or mortgage. (It may be uploaded into the online pre-registration site or submitted directly to the local school/program.)
• West Madison PreK is a public school system pre-k program. You must be a resident of Madison City to pre-register with Madison City Schools.

• There is no registration fee for First Class Pre-K programs.
• Upon enrollment, a child’s immunization record must be provided to the school or program.
• No child will be denied participation on the basis of income, sex, race, color, national origin, or disability.

For more information, visit the registration page