Madison City Schools Illness Guidelines


I have received a few questions regarding the recent emails sent out about the Madison City Schools illness guidelines and would like to address them with you.

  1. The north Alabama area has seen an increase in the number of cases of flu, covid, strep, bronchitis, RSV, along with just a regular viral respiratory illness. We are seeing similar patterns in our school.
  2. I understand that some families are having difficulty getting an appointment with their pediatrician or family doctor. Fortunately, our area is blessed to have a wide variety of urgent care centers that are able to test and treat illness. I have compiled a list of Local Urgent Care Clinics for information. 
  3. Luckily, most of the illnesses listed above have treatment options available to ease symptoms and promote a quick recovery. Tamiflu and Xofluza are proven to help with the flu if taken soon after symptoms begin. 
  4. Please send in a copy of any doctor's excuses to and/or