Friday, February 28th

Friday, February 28th

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We had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Wednesday. The food was delicious! Thank you to all who made food or contributed to the Teacher Appreciation Lunch. It was very enjoyable!

We've had a great time with our science lessons this week. Yesterday, we had a Watch Dog Dad come to class to help the students make a habitat for milkweed bugs. Wednesday, we made a habitat for a fish. The students are enjoying watching him swim throughout the day. We will be making dioramas of habitats found in Alabama today. I will be adding photos to your child’s portfolio. The students always enjoy creating these!

PTA is looking for volunteers for the Book Fair. Please see the sign-up genius if you are avaliable to help

We are looking forward to Camp Read S'more next week. Please see last Thursday's post for the information regarding dress up days.