Friday, February 7th

Friday, February 7th

Click the link to read next week's newsletter: February 10-14 Thank you for reading the newsletter!

Please wear a long sleeve shirt underneath your class shirt on Friday.

A Google form will be sent home on Friday, and we will need you to complete the form by Tuesday, February 11th. 

The students are able to purchase candy grams in the cafeteria through Wednesday. 

Continue working on Valentine cards and send them to school on Thursday.

CES Career day is February 25th. There is a flyer in folders today. Students will need to follow the dress code and their outfits need to be real-world careers (i.e., no super heroes, halloween costumes, or fantasy costumes). Students also cannot bring items such as masks, weapons (police officer, soldier, etc.) or other items that would be deemed a threat to the school and against school policy.