November Happenings

Posted by Joelle Jones on 12/9/2019

Ready or not December is here!  It was a really good November.  I got the opportunity to attend the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages conference in Washington D.C..  I got to meet and to learn from some of leaders in the field of world language education.  It was such a good experience.  


In Kindergarten we talked about Día de los Muertos.  We talked about the traditions of this holiday in Mexico.  We also talked about things that were commonly seen such as skeltons, pan de muerto (sweet bread), papel picado (cut out paper banners), candles, pictures of loved ones, and mairgolds.  We continued to review and practice colors. We  began to practice body parts with "Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas, and Pies" (Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes) song.  Looking ahead in December we will continue practicing body parts vocabulary.  We will also be singing a snowman song, Mi Hombre de Nieve.  We will be practicing our vocabulary with body parts and clothing words associated with a snowman.  

1st Grade

In first grade we continued to practice and review our color word and body parts vocabulary.  I decribed a monster and the class listened and tried to draw a description of the monster that I described.   We built a tall tower with our "Caja Mágica" and we  reviewed our body parts with "Señor Cabeza de papa" (Mr. Potato Head).  Looking ahead we will continue to review body parts and we will be talking about the holiday traditions of Spain.  We will review where Spain is located, and "un duende" (an elf) will visit Spain to help us learn about the traditions.  We will also sing "Cascabel" (Jingle Bells) in Spanish.

2nd Grade

In 2nd grade we continued to review colors and we finished our unit on the Dominican Republic.  Looking ahead we will be talking about the holiday traditions of Puerto Rico.  We will be talking abou the popular places to visit on the island such as "El Moro" ( a 500 year old fort built by the Spanish, Old San Juan,  and "El Yunque"(the Carribean Rainforest).  We will talk about the effects of Hurricane Maria.  We will be talking about "Las Parrandas" (the tradition of Christmas caroling).  


3rd Grade

In 3rd grade we read a book in Spanish about a turkey that disguised itself so it wouldn't get eaten.  Luckily it was talking to a rabbit that was a vegetarian!  Students then created their own turkey disguises(while reviewing "No soy un pavo"(I am not a turkey) and "Yo soy" (I am).  Students were very creative coming up with ideas on how they could disguise their turkey so that it wouldn't get eaten.  I loved seeing their creations.  They did a fantastic job!  In December we will be learning about Nicaragua.  


4th Grade

We reviewed colors by reading a book in Spanish about mixing colors.  Then they used paints to create their own color combinations.  The students had to write if they liked or disliked the color combinations.  They really enjoyed using the paints. In December we will be finishing our unit on Venezuela.  We talked at length about Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world.  We also talked abou the economic crisis in Venezuela and how it is affecting some scientists that are studying the Humboldt glacier there.  


Spanish Club 

Spanish club students created llama decorations for the downtown Madison Christmas tree.  This is the third year the elementary Spanish teachers have sponsored a tree with artwork from our students.  All seven elementary schools have students representing the district.  Every year the tree turns out really well.  Check the tree out in downtown Madison.