October Happenings!

Posted by Joelle Jones on 11/4/2019

Happy November!  It's my favorite time of the year! I love the cooler weather, the color of the changing leaves, and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.  


As always we have been very busy in our Spanish classes. I have been seeing a lot of great things from my students. Just as a couple of examples, in my Kindergarten class a student asked me "¿Y tú?" (And you?) and in my 5th grades classes I had students using "¿Y tú?" correctly and in context without prompting from me.  Why is that so exciting?  Well, in Kingergarten I have not yet introduced "¿Y tú?" yet.  We have just begun expressing how we feel. The student that asked "¿Y tú?" had learned it from his older sister!  In the second example we were talking about our favorite candy and in order to extend the converstation I had students asking each other and me.  I had given them choices of things they could say but "¿Y tú?" was not one of the choices.  They were still able to remember and use the phrase correctly.  I was so proud of them.  It is those little successes that give me joy and keep me going!


In Kindergarten we have been learning colors.  We read together the book "Oso Café" (Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle.  There is also a cute song that went with the story that we sang.  To pratice the colors further we have been singing a song called "Los Colores".  I stop the video and ask the students what color they think is going to come next.  They really like trying to guess the next color.

We have also discussed "Día de los Muertos" which is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico.  We talk about traditions of the holiday  (families spending time together and sharing stories and memories about their loved ones that have passed away) and things that are commonly seen during this holiday (marigolds, candles, pictures of loved ones that are no longer alive, skeletons, sweet bread, sugar skulls,  and papel picado.

Looking ahead in Kindergarten we will begin learning shapes and body parts.   

In 1st grade we talked about "El Día de la Raza"(Columbus Day).  We talked about  Christopher Columbus and the three ships, La Niña, La Pinta,  and La Santa María.  We talked about the food and animals that were brought to the new world by Columbus (horses, pigs, cows, wheat, lemons, bananas, oranges,  and the food that was introduced to Europe by the Spainards returning (corn, turkey, tomatoes, chocolate, and potatoes).

 We read "Horrible Monstruo Verde" to review colors and body parts.  They really like this story.  We are going to continue reviewing and practicing body parts in November.


 In 2nd grade we learned about the Dominican Republic.  We talked about how baseball is the favorite sport in the Dominican Republic and how there are more major league baseball superstars from the Dominican Republic than anywhere else except for the United States.  We talked about the World Series and what players on the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals were from the Dominican Republic.  Then we predicted who was going to win.  Looking ahead we will be reviewing body parts.


In 3rd grade we used balloons and pom poms to review colors.  Students had a lot of fun with these activities.  Students would pick a color of balloon and we could count as we pumped air into the balloon.  When we got to that number we stopped and then let the balloon go.  It was always fun to see where the balloon landed.  Looking ahead we will be reviewing body parts.


In 4th & 5th grades we reviewed colors with balloons, pom poms, and  cups.  Students hid objects under cups and students had to find the hdden objects by guessing a color on the cup.  They also discussed their favorite candy in partners.  Looking ahead we will talk about Venezuela in November.  We will also be reviewing body parts.