November-December 2020

Posted by Joelle Jones on 12/14/2020

¡Hola, amigos! (Hello, friends!). I hope everyone is surviving 2020. 

As I type this, we are on a hybrid schedule.  I have mixed feelings about this schedule.  I feel so much safer with less people and more room for students to spread out.  I love having the opportunity of getting to know my students better.  There is so much more personal interaction when there are fewer students.  The part I really do not like is not being able to see all of my students.  I encourage all of my students that miss Spanish to take the opportunity of watching the videos on Schoology.  Videos are not as good as having a lesson with a teacher but they are much better than nothing.  I know the videos will really help students to be up to speed when our normal schedule resumes.   "Use it or lose it" could be the slogan for all language learners so watch the videos to not lose ground.


In November and December we have been working on body parts vocabulary,colors, shapes, and we have been talking about weather terms (hot vs. cold).  In first grade we have been focusing on the holiday traditions of Spain, in second grade we have been talking about Puerto Rico, in third grade we talked about the volcanoes of Nicaragua,  and in fourth grade we talked about Colombia and its holiday traditions.


Even in 2020 it is a joy to teach Spanish to students at Heritage elementary. Happy holidays!  Looking forward to a better year in 2021!