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CEO Class Grooms Student Entrepreneurs

A group of Madison City high school students used profits from an school entrepreneur training program to give some dough – the financial kind – to a local donut shop owner in salute to small businesses.

He in turn, thanked them with a box of donuts along with insights on being a small business owner.

“This is the nicest thing in seven years of business anyone has done for me here,” said Brian Steele, owner/founder of Bigfoot’s Little Donuts at its location in Madison.

Donut shop owner Brian Steele talking to students fanned out inside of his store  
Owner Brian Steele talks small business with BJ, JC students in Madison CEO program.

About a dozen students from the Madison CEO program visited the donut store today to meet with Steele and learn more about being an entrepreneur. The group is mostly from Bob Jones and James Clemens high school. A student from St. Paul II Catholic High School also took part.

Students in the Madison CEO program created a class T-shirt business this school year. They wanted to give a portion of the profits to a local business as a way of giving back to the community that has supported them as they are learning about entrepreneurship. BigFoot’s Little Donuts was the business they decided to give the donation to.

Mr. Steele invited the students inside where he gifted each a box of donuts while telling them a little about being a small business owner. To learn more about the CEO program, hear from students  in this video.

Also, visit  . Seniors and juniors are encouraged to apply. The CEO program is a year-long class where students may also have the opportunity to earn college credit. For more information, contact Stephanie Bostick at text at 931-447-8062.

Students and education leaders stand with students circled up outside the donut store with owner Brian Steele

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols (L) with students at check presentation outside BigFoot's Little Donuts.