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Meet the Teachers & Staffers Of The Year For MCS

Each year, schools in Madison City select Teacher of the Year (TOTY) and Staff Member of the Year (SMOTY) for exemplary service.
The Central Office and Transportation Department also select a Staff Member of the Year.
Winners are presented a $500 check and become eligible to be selected in the districtwide TOTY or SMOTY which will be announced at the beginning of the next school year.
Here are the 2019-2020 TOTY and SMOTY winners, along with retirees we were able to give a formal farewell to.
Slide show. ://youtu.bEhe/AM-RgQqSk

Here is the school by school roster of TOTY and SMOTY winners:

Bob Jones High School: Jessye Gaines (TOTY);Lisa Parkes (SMOTY).

James Clemens High School: Nancy Hartfield (TOTY); Lynne Hyche (SMOTY).

Discovery Middle: Karly Beavers (TOTY); Sheila Oliver (SMOTY).

Liberty Middle: Michelle Breeden (TOTY); Kim Mayfield (SMOTY).

Columbia Elementary: Laura Hester (TOTY); Pm Winkler (SMOTY).

Heritage Elementary: Kristen Kolenich (TOTY); David Jones (SMOTY).

Horizon Elementary: Tracey Adkins (TOTY); Philip Sirten (SMOTY).

Madison Elementary: Nikki Griffin (TOTY); David Gray (SMOTY).

Mill Creek Elementary: Shemeaka King (TOTY); Penny Childers (SMOTY).

Rainbow Elementary: Nicole Orr (OTY); Jeanie Moore (SMOTY).

West Madison Elementary: Kari Sims (TOTY); Pat Baldwin (SMOTY).

Transportation SMOTY: Debbie Leeth.

Central Office SMOTY: Cheryl Davies.

Congratulations to all for a job well done..