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MCS Welcomes New National Board Certified Teachers

Thirteen more National Board Certified Teachers were added to the ranks of Madison City Schools. The district now has 72 active NBCTs, among the highest in Alabama.
The teachers were recognized at the Jan. 23 Board of Education meeting.
They are (in no particular order in photo): Kelsey Cooper, DMS; Tammy Fiscus, LMS; Niyiere, Joseph, RES; Heather Kell, HES; Megan Kerstiens, BJHS; Adrienne King, DMS; Kara Lawrence, HES; Beth Massey, MES; Nichole Murray, BJHS; Julia Nagle, CES; Sharon Rowland, BJHS; Katie Weir, JCHS; Micky Worley, BJHS.

13 National Board Certified Teachers with certificates in front of the Madison City Board of Education