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ACT WorkKeys

Virtual Day for WorkKeys Assessment

BJ Parents and Students,

We will have a virtual instruction day for grades 9, 10, and 11 on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 in order to administer the ACT WorkKeys assessment to our Senior class. This assessment is required by the Alabama State Department of Education and measures foundational skills required for success in the workplace. Many industries in our community and around the country look to the results of a student’s participation as part of their hiring processes. Many college and business internships use the WorkKeys results in placement.

In order to facilitate the assessment effectively, we will be using the majority of our classrooms and the vast majority of our faculty. Our desire to provide strong instruction to all of our students on that day dictates that we have an asynchronous virtual instruction day for the grade levels not participating in the assessment. 

In the future, we will seek assistance from ALSDE (Alabama Department of Education) in an attempt to align testing dates so that we can eliminate the need for multiple virtual instruction days by combining two of the mandated tests into one day of administration. 

Thank you,

Sylvia Lambert, Principal