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Rainbow Students Shine at the 2019 City Chess Championship!

The 2019 City Chess Championship was held at James Clemens High School on April 5th-6th. Madison is the only city in Madison that holds a grade-level championship. The top three finishers in each grade level receive a medal, and the student(s) with the most points wins or shares a cash prize. Winning individual awards at the City Chess Championship from Rainbow were:

Kindergarten: Isaac Kreusser (1st), Jackson Campbell (2nd), Emory Howell (3rd).

1st grade: Brantley Davis (2nd)

2nd grade: Tyce Crosswy (1st) and Jethro Jones (tied for 2nd)

3rd grade: Holland Lang (1st)

5th grade: Artem Starenki and Karsten Wallace (tied for 1st)