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JCHS Grants Puppy Dream To Young Madison Girl

The Make-A-Wish foundation of Alabama visited James Clemens High School today to make a wish come true for one smiling Madison 6-year-old.

girl hugging puppy

Maelin-Kate is a kindergarten student at Asbury Church in Madison with two brothers attending JCHS. She got the VIP treatment today along with parents Paul and Megan Carlson.
Maelin-Kate was diagnosed with a rate genetic blood disease at age 5 and had to undergo a bone marrow transplant. James Clemens H.S., led by its Student Government Association, raised $10,000 for Make-A-Wish. Family plans for a trip fell through because of COVID and Maelin-Kate since expressed strong desires for a puppy.
Make-A-Wish Alabama presented her today with a Goldendoodle puppy. The reveal ceremony was one fit for a queen.

Members of the JC band, cheerleaders, dance team and poster-waving students whooped it up and then lined the halls for a parade.
Maelin and her new puppy boarded a Barbie Jeep and cruised down the main corridor among students lining the halls.

Maelin-Kate plans to name the dog Penny, which has a special significance to her journey. Her mom, Megan Carlson, shared the story: “Mae’s transplant was rough, but almost every day, I’d find a heads-up penny in the most random place. It helped me keep going each day. I felt like God was telling me everything was going to be ok. Soon after Mae left the hospital, she started finding the pennies. She found so many, she had to keep them in a little treasure chest. I’ve never met someone that finds as many pennies as Mae! She proudly tells everyone that those are her pennies from God. A few months ago, she started talking about a dog. She was convinced God would give her one like He gives her pennies. Soon she started calling this puppy Penny, and she has patiently waited for God to give her Penny.”

cheerleaders marching down halls
 students in stands with signs welcoming the family father guiding Barbie Jeep down hallway drum corps marching down hall leading parade

parents handing over puppy to the 6 year old girl

puppy in car looking behind