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MCS School Nurses Get COVID-19 Shots

School nurses in Madison City Schools went en masse today to get their COVID vaccine.
The shots were administered at the Madison County Health Department.
"Today happens to be a virtual day for our students, which worked out well because nurses can't leave schools while they are in session," said Bonnie Davis, nurse supervisor for MCS.

nurse showing off arm that got vaccinated
Nurse Aimee Allen from West Madison Elementary School in Madison.

Several school nurses already got the vaccine or are making arrangements to get one.
The vaccine administered today was the Moderna vaccine.

Nurse Davis said she is pleased that her nursing team is in the early administration of the COVID-19 coronavirus shots.
"We're on the front lines because we see a lot of kids. Of course, we are anxious for our teachers to get the vaccines because they are on the front lnes as well. The more people we can get vaccinated, the quicker we can get this COVID situation under control."

Nurse Davis emphasized the importance of continued use of masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing. She said the only side effect from her vaccination earlier was a sore arm.
(Posted 1/13/21)

Nurses posing outside after getting shot
Several nurses for Madison City Schools after COVID vaccines at the Madison County Health Dept.