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Stadium Flag Project Launched

Madison City Stadium will soon fly Old Glory in a more magnificent way.
The stadium is getting a new 60-foot flagpole and 15-foot by 25-foot American Flag.
American Legion Post 229 of Madison and local defense company, SIGMATECH Inc., are partnering with Madison City Schools and Madison County Commission District 2 to provide this new addition to the stadium.
Officials gathered at stadium today to announce the project.

Four officials standing at stadium in front of old flagpole being replaced

Larry Vannoy, commander of American Legion Post 229, said the initiative grew from seeing other school and municipal stadiums displaying the American flag in a more grand fashion.
"We love our country, are big supporters of our country and are patriots," he said, adding he felt that Madison City Stadium could do better.
Veterans in the community began discussions and soon had defense company SIGMATECH on board to fund the new flag project, he said. Commissioner Steve Haraway said District 2 workers will likely begin the installation work around the beginning of the year.
Madison City Schools appreciates the gift and looks forward to having the new flagpole flying the much larger banner.
"The large display of 'Old Glory' during events will reflect the Madison City Schools students, parents and administration's love of our country and its veterans. Madison American Legion Post 229 is proud to be a part of this extraordinary project," Mr. Vannoy said.
Gathering today for the official announcement (shown L-R in photo) are: SIGMATECH Inc. CEO John Jones, American Legion Post 229 Commander Larry Vannoy, MCS Community Development Coordinator Lee Shaw, and Commissioner Steve Haraway.