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National Merit Semifinalists BJHS & JCHS

Bob Jones and James Clemens High School again placed tops or near best in the state in the number of National Merit Semifinalists.
James Clemens had nine and Bob Jones eight among the qualifiers released today (Sept. 9).

Madison City Schools had the second most National Merit Semifinalists of any other Alabama school district.
Over the last four years, JCHS and BJHS have had a combined 93 students achieving this high honor. 

Here are the 2020-21 National Merit Semifinalists from Madison City Schools:

James Clemens High School

Caroline M. Bendickson, Elizabeth C. Congo, Logan F. Cook, Nikhita S. Mudium, Alyson Park, Samuel M. Pratt, Devika Shankar, Duke D. Yeom, Justin J. Yoon.

Bob Jones High School:
William C. Bao, Nolan J. Drummond, Olivia D. Jones, Joshua H. Lin, Isacc L. Wang, James Yoo, John Yoo, Matthias Osadcii.


grid pictures of all 17 national merit semifinalists for Madison City Schools in 2020
Top row (L-R): Olivia Jones (BJ), Nikhita Mudium (JC), Justin Yoon (JC), Duke Yeom (JC), Devika Shankar (JC), Samuel Pratt (JC).
Middle Row: Matthias Osadcii (BJ), Caroline Bendickson (JC), John Yoo (BJ), James Yoo (BJ), Joshua Lin (BJ), Isaac Wang (BJ).
Bottom Row: Alyson Park (JC), Logan Cook (JC), Claire Congo (JC), Nolan Drummond (BJ), William Bao (BJ).

Alabama students are among 16,000 nationwide named as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists who will be competing for some 7,600 National Merit Scholarships next spring. The nationwide pool of Semifinalists represent less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors.

A complete list of the Alabama winners can be found in this report: