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The 2019 Graduating Classes of MCS: How Did They Do?

The Graduating Classes of 2018-19 for Madison City Schools: How Did They Do?

Scholarships are one measure of the performance of a high school and school system. There are many others, of course, in the big picture of preparing students for their future - whether it be going to college, into the workforce, the military, trade school or some other endeavor.
We'll give you the scholarship report in a moment.
But first, let us note that this is the 2nd year in a row for Madison City Schools to get at A on its state report card from the Alabama Department of Education. All 11 schools also received an A for the 2nd consecutive year.
Other indicators also consistenly rank our district and its schools among the best in the state.
NICHE in 2019 ranked MCS 2nd best of 137 school districts in Alabama.
NICHE in 2019 ranked Bob Jones and James Clemens in the  top 5 public high schools in Alabama.
NICHE in 2019 ranked Discovery and Liberty middle schools in the top 5 middle schools in Alabama.
NICHE in 2019 ranked all 7 elementary schools in the top 20 in Alabama, with 4 in the top 10.

Wide angle photo of James Clemens graduates seated
Now, here is a profile of our 2019 graduates from Madison City Schools.
Total 2019 graduates: 926.
Students offered scholarships: 546 (59 percent), totalling $58.5 million.
Scholarships accepted: $20.5 million.
Average accepted scholarship amount:$37,545.
Students scoring a 30 or higher on their ACT: 195 (21 percent).
Presidential Scholar candidates: 7 (4 at JCHS, 3 at BJHS).
National Merit Finalists 29 (15 BJHS, 14 JCHS).
Post-graduation plans are as follows:
Four year college: 66 percent.
Two year college: 23 percent.
Military: 4 percent.
Undecided or entering directly into the workforce: 7 percent.

Wide angle photo of Bob Jones graduates seated