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Madison Leads State In Merit Scholar Semifinalists

Once again, Madison City leads the state with the most NATIONAL MERIT SEMIFINALIST by any district, no matter the size. 
Being named a NATIONAL MERIT SEMIFINALIST is akin to being named an ALL AMERICAN in athletics. It is the best of the best.

Superintendent Robby Parker said, "I am so proud of our kids and their teachers. Please note that every school in Madison is well represented.
This once again proves that it does not matter where you go to school in Madison. Every school is one of America's Best."

Congratulations to the following. I am SO proud of our kids!!!

Sai Sumedha Bobba - Columbia, Liberty, JCHS.

Shrishti Dubey - Heritage, Liberty, JCHS.

Calvin L Engstrom - Heritage, Liberty, JCHS.

Olivia G Fox - Mill Creek, Liberty, JCHS.

Sophia N Fox - Mill Creek, Liberty, JCHS.

Ranoah L Holcomb - Mill Creek, Liberty, JCHS.

Elliott J Kliesner - Columbia, Liberty, JCHS.

Michael N Pagan-Selby - Heritage, Madison, Liberty, JCHS.

Rohan Sethi - Columbia, Liberty, JCHS.

Lawrence Zhang - Columbia, Liberty, JCHS.

Kevin Zheng - Mill Creek, Liberty, JCHS.

Bradley Spindle - Horizon, West Madison, Madison, Discovery, BJHS.

Kyle Fitzpatrick - Rainbow, Discovery, BJHS.

Thomas Teper - Madison, Discovery, BJHS.

Jean-Pierre leRoux - West Madison, Discovery, BJHS.

Benjamin Garrett - Discovery, BJHS.

Sulekha Ramesh - Rainbow, Discovery, BJHS.

Evan Krohn - West Madison, Columbia, Discovery, BJHS.

Skylar Elliott - West Madison, Discovery, BJHS.

Marielle Baumgartner - Rainbow, Discovery, BJHS.

Joy Duan - Mill Creek, Heritage, Rainbow, Discovery, BJHS.

Juanita Monteiro-Pai - West Madison, Discovery, BJHS.

Michael Guthrie - Rainbow, Discovery, BJHS.

Sherry Lee - Madison, Discovery, BJHS.

Lynne Clark - Horizon, Discovery, BJHS.

Reedham Kalariya - BJHS.

More than 1.5 million high school students took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMQT) in 2018 and today the 16,000 national semi finalists were named. In Madison, 26 students were among the highest scorers in the nation (Top 1%) on the PSAT test to become a National Merit Semifinalist in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Madison City Schools is also pleased to report this is the 2nd year in a row for MCS to get at A on its state report card from the Alabama Department of Education. All 11 schools also received an A for the 2nd consecutive year.
Other indicators also consistenly rank our district and its schools among the best in the state.
* 59 percent of the 2019 graduating class earned Scholarships Averaging $37,552 

* NICHE in 2019 ranked Bob Jones and James Clemens in the  top 5 public high schools in Alabama.
* NICHE in 2019 ranked Discovery and Liberty middle schools in the top 5 middle schools in Alabama.Th
* NICHE in 2019 named a Madison Elementary School as the best in Alabama. The study named all 7 elementary schools in the top 20 in Alabama, with 4 in the top 10.

Wide angle photo of James Clemens graduates seated
Now, here is a profile of our 2019 graduates from Madison City Schools.
Total 2019 graduates: 926.
Students offered scholarships: 546 (59 percent), totalling $58.5 million.
Scholarships accepted: $20.5 million.
Average accepted scholarship amount:$37,545.
Students scoring a 30 or higher on their ACT: 195 (21 percent).
Presidential Scholar candidates: 7 (4 at JCHS, 3 at BJHS).
National Merit Finalists 29 (15 BJHS, 14 JCHS).
Post-graduation plans are as follows:
Four year college: 66 percent.
Two year college: 23 percent.
Military: 4 percent.
Undecided or entering directly into the workforce: 7 percent.

Wide angle photo of Bob Jones graduates seated