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July 22nd Re-enrollment Deadline for Returning MCS Students

July 22nd is the deadline to complete re-enrollment accurately and submit the application online. Failure to do this by July 22nd could result in incomplete schedules on opening day or losing schedule requests for secondary students.
Elementary students may not be placed on class rosters for open house or delayed being placed in a classroom on opening day if the re-enrollment application is not submitted by July 22nd.
If you have submitted your re-enrollment and have received an email regarding missing or incomplete information, please send that information as quickly as possible to the sender of the email. These re-enrollments are also incomplete until we get all necessary information or documentation to approve. This, too, could delay your student's re-enrollment into MCS.
For those of you who have completed the re-enrollment already, thank you! 

Snapcodes were initially emailed on 6/8/2022 to Contact 1 in our database and sent out
again June 23 to Contact 1 and Contact 2. Be sure to check your spam if you cannot find it. The sender is .

This is an annual enrollment requirement. Even if your secondary student has completed a course request, this still must be done in order to enroll in school. When completing this online re-enrollment, be sure to update all contacts, especially emergency contacts.

Re-enrollment information is used daily to work on staffing, student scheduling and other logistics in the operation of our schools. Completion ensures that your secondary
student will be issued a class schedule and/or your elementary student will be placed on
a class roster.

More information about re-enrollment and registration is available at this link on