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Donor-backed Support Students Fund Launched

posted 12-01-2020

Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a national observance encouraging people to embrace and practice generosity. It is fitting that it falls in the Thanksgiving season when all of us should reflect on people and things to be grateful for.

In that spirit, Madison City Schools is excited to report the launch of its Supporting Our Students” campaign. This donor-supported fund will provide help for MCS students who may struggle paying for a yearbook, class field trip, ACT prep assistance, tutoring, academic fee, cap and gown – any out-of-pocket expense related to a school function, class or extra-curricular.
In the past, many wonderful teachers and staff have generously covered such expenses - often anonymously. The new Supporting our Students initiative will be funded by donations channeled through LeanStream and doled out by a committee on a case-by-case basis. All donations to this fund will be tax deductible.
What a great resource for our families. We want to make sure all students have equal opportunities to participate in all activities without having to worry about cost. The Supporting our Students program will be promoted primarily from  Giving Tuesday through the month of December each year. However,  generous donations will be accepted throughout the year.  To donate, click here or use this address: