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Time for Returning Students to Re-enroll In MCS

Re-enrollment has started for the 2022-2023 school year for Madison City Schools.
Thank you to those who have completed and submitted the re-enrollment for your
Snapcodes were initially emailed on 6/8/2022 to Contact 1 in our database and sent out
again today (Thursday, June 23) to Contact 1 and Contact 2. Be sure to check your
spam if you cannot find it. The sender is .

This is an annual enrollment requirement. Even if your secondary student has
completed a course request, this still must be done in order to enroll in school. When
completing this online re-enrollment, be sure to update all contacts, especially
emergency contacts.

Re-enrollment information is used daily to work on staffing, student scheduling and
other logistics in the operation of our schools. Completion ensures that your secondary
student will be issued a class schedule and/or your elementary student will be placed on
a class roster.

More information about re-enrollment and registration is available at this link on