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MCS Leads State In National Teacher Grant Awards

Four of the 9 national "Fund for Teachers" grant recipients are from Madison City Schools.
They are: 
Rebecca McDaniel, Rainbow Elementary.
Kristin Stundtner, Heritage Elementary.
Beth Woodard, Madison Elementary.
Liz Vaughn, James Clemens High School.
These teachers were approved for $5,000 grants for various education studies.

Fund For Teachers is a non-profit organization that has invested $37 million since 2001 to nearly 10,000 PreK-12th grade educators.

*Ms. McDaniel will receive $5,000 to join a Global Exploration for Educators Organization expedition to Japan learning about the history, culture and community shared by an influx of students, to continue to build a welcoming community and facilitate students' efforts to assist new peers/English Language Learners.

*Ms. Stundtner will attend training at the World Music Drumming Conference in Nashville to integrate West African, Latin and Caribbean drumming and singing with social/emotional learning strategies that bring all students into the music-making process.

*Ms. Woodard will receive $5,000 to explore the lives and works of England's creative writers of the past and present (ie: Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carol, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ronald Dahl, William Wordsworth, Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, and J.K. Rowling) to create an engaging unit that will motivate students to further develop their writing craft.

*Ms. Vaughn will receive $5,000 to attend a sketchbook building, en plein air drawing and painging course through Accademie Gallery in Florence, Italy, addressing how artists portray their environment (urban and rural), to model for advanced art students what project prep looks like and how a sketchbook can be a work of art itself.