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JC Results State Trumbauer Festival 2023

Scenes from Metamorphoses earned a Superior rating, and three All-Star cast members: Ella Gibbons, Connor McDougal, and Connery Patel.
13 JCTheatre Individual Events earned trophies: 
01. Pantomime
 3rd place Adelyn Speas (Varsity)

03. Duet Reader's Theatre
 3rd place Ziva Blount/Camden Pickens (Varsity)

04. Acting Dramatic pre1900
1st place Qyler Bowie (Intermediate)

05. Acting Comedic pre1900
2nd place Ella Gibbons  (Intermediate)
3rd place Brooke Bogardus  (Intermediate)

06. Acting Dramatic 1900-1974
2nd place Camille Leffler (Novice)
3rd place Kate Butler (Novice)

08. Acting Dramatic 1975-2004
3rd place Julia Sloan (Varsity)

14. Duet Acting Dram 1975-now
1st place Kaela Cronan/Madison Lively (Novice)

15. Duet Acting Com. 1975-now
1st place  Lorelei Mueller/Emmy Harrison (Varsity)    
2nd place Connery Patel/Connor McDougal (Varsity)

20. Musical Com. 2017-present 
 1st place Lena Racelis (Intermediate)

32. Stage Management
 3rd place Jessie Collins (Novice)
Out of the 56 IEs, 47 of them earned Superior ratings.


JCTheatre gather for a group photo in the hotel lobby in Florence:
The cast from Scenes from Metamorphoses circle up before their performance at UNA: 
13 IEs earned 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at State Trumbauer:
Connery Patel and Lorelei Mueller portray the Greek myth of Erysichthon and Hunger in Scenes from Metamorphoses.
Amara Hare, Hailey Travis-Kinder and Connery Patel portray the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in Scenes from Metamorphoses. 
Berkeley Preer, Alanna Swenson, Hailey Travis-Kinder, Juliet Carr and Micah Robinson portray the Greek myth of Alcyone and Ceyx in Scenes from Metamorphoses. 
Connor McDougal and Simon Tsikalas portray King Midas and Zeus in Scenes from Metamorphoses. 
Berkeley Preer portrays Woman, at the birth of the world, in Scenes from Metamorphoses.
Brady Percy fills the pool with water before the performance of Scenes from Metamorphoses.