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MCS PTA Reflections Winners 2023

The Madison City PTA held its awards ceremony March 2 in the annual PTA Reflections contest.
The program was held at Columbia Elementary before a packed audience of talented contestants and their proud parents/guardians.
Submissions were spread across primary, intermediate, middle and high school grade levels in the categories of Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, Literature, Film Production, Music Composition and Photography. 
Assistant Superintendent Mr. Eric Terrell came to celebrate the award with each recipient.
Madison City Schools thanks the  PTA Council and individual school PTA for their tremendous support and advocacy in our schools.
PTA leaders  on stage by colorful balloons
PTA leaders L-R:Stephenie Walker, MCPTA Co-VP; Ricki Schwartz, MCPTA Reflections Program Co-chair; Beth Green, MCPTA Reflections Program Co-chair; Patricia Bachelor, MCPTA President; Roxana Herschelman, Columbia Elem PTA President; Columbia Principal Miranda Bolden, MCS Assistant Superintendent Mr. Eric Terrell. 

Here are the results, listed in order of place in each category. 

Primary: Rhema Gosier, Aubrey Howard, Everly Kilgore, Blake Clark
Intermediate: Alice Grieve, Peter Gosier, John Penley, Madison Mosbarger.
Middle School: Julia Holkem, Jillian Washburn, Avana Narayan, Katie Crocker.
High School: Kylie Washington, Olivia Lekas, Grace Sanders, Elaine Weng.
Special Artist : Lizzie Nolan.

visual arts winners standing before stage
Visual Arts winners

Primary: Meera Vinod Emma Ruh.
Intermediate: Maximus Turner, Sawyer Harrison, Sara Lum, Samantha Nolan.
Middle School: Laya Gowder, Harshtha Chander, Katie Rosse.
High School: Oviya Gowder, J.D. McKeithen.

dance choreography winners standing at stage
Dance Choreography winners

Intermediate: Zoey Mulloy, Jenny Jung, Zayna Killedar, Christian "CA" Pinto.
Middle School: Deidra Dorcoo, Shea McKinley, Virginia Roberts, Avani Narayan.
High School: Anaya Naphade, Isabella Bao, Sahishnu Saha, Hannah Clemons.

Literature winners standing at stage
Literature winners

Intermediate: Magnolia Mason, Elanor Perry.
Middle School: Harshtha Chander, Grant Jauken, Cora Oliver, AIden Dean.
High School: Sahishnu Saha, AnDrew Carlson, Shayan Rajput.

film production winners standing at stage
Film Production winners

Primary: Ananth Ravishekar, Miette Zimmerman
Intermediate: Norah Basham, Wylie Savage, Zoey Mulloy, Leo Watkins.
Middle School: Ishita Rajput, Tesjas Iyer.
High School: Jason Davies, Shayan Rajput, Emily Jolley.

music composition winners at stage
Music Composition winners


Primary: Camden Roy, Eli Sykes, Hanna Williams, Anthony Hilderbrand.
Intermediate: Alice Grieve, Abby Wilson, Norah Basham, Caleb Mullins.
Middle School: Laya Gowder, Amaan Musani, Avani Narayan, Arush Sharma.
High School: Urvi Mysore, Shayan Rajput, Sahishnu Saha, Emily Jolley.
Special Artist: Lizzie Nolan

Photography winners at  stagePhotography winners

parents taking photos of kids on stage

Assistant superintendent Eric Terrell posing with student winner

Assistant Supt. Eric Terrell & award winner