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JC Drama Recognized at Jan. 23 BOE Meet

The Madison City Board of Education honored the James Clemens theater department for recent wins in state and regional competitions.

Teacher Amy Patel accompanied several students to be recognized at the meeting.
In briefing the board, Ms. Patel said the production of Shuddersome: Tales of Poe incorporated ASL shadow signing with the collaboration of ASL interpreter Petah Kelsey, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing educators Jaylee Kordosky and Rickey Clemmons.
Every line was spoken out loud by one actor and signed by another to make the performance accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience members. She noted that every student actor learned ASL and signed during the performance.
10 theater students and drama teacher Amy Patel at the Board meeting

At District Trumbauer in November, Shuddersome was named one of the three Best of Show one-acts, and won Best Ensemble and Best Technical Production. Elizabeth Swaine, 
Brody Wilhelm, and Eli Brown were named to the All-Star Cast. (Brody and Eli created live music and sound effects during the performance using a variety of instruments and objects.) 
Carly Parker won Best Supporting Performance, and Adam McDougal won Best Lead Performance

At State Trumbauer in December, Ms. Patel said Shuddersome was named one of the five Best of Show one-acts, and won Best Ensemble. Carly Parker and Adam McDougal were named to the All Star Cast, and Carly Parker won Best Supporting Performance.