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James Clemens Cheerleaders Lauded For 1st Place Finish

James Clemens cheerleaders were recognized by the Board of Education for their first place finish in state competition. The group is under the coaching or Hannah Stockman.
Dr. Brian Clayton commended them for setting exemplary examples both in competitions, in school and in the community.
Members of the team (in no particular order in the photograph) are as follows:

Kenze Achenbach, Ashley Ahrens, Charlotte Bigelow, Kalyn Boley, Alaina Boyer, Sidnie Brown, Madisyn Burgess, Kate Byrne, Alex Corn, Paris Dryer, Hanna Dumas, Haliey Fronckowiak, Shayla Hawkins, Avery Jones, Emma Koerlin, Manie McDonald, Perri McMahan, Kayla Norris, Isabella Opiniano, Kiersten Ratcliff, Samantha Rhodes, Gabbie Russell, Katie Russell, Mandi Russell, Sarah Spickard, Ella Thomas, Emily Tieszien, Alex Vaughn, Wayne Alexis, Shelby Williams.