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Bob Jones & James Clemens Graduate Profile

The 2020 graduating class of Madison City Schools will forever be marked by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
So much of what these outstanding students accomplished – and had yet to achieve – must not be overlooked.
Below is a brief profile of the MCS Class of 2020.
If you want to view the graduation livestreams, here are links to uncut footage. Both of James Clemens ceremonies are in one link. All graduates will receive a free DVD of their graduation program and two 5X7 prints of their photo from the diploma awarding.
James Clemens program:

Bob Jones 1st program:

Bob Jones 2nd program:
There were 893 graduating seniors this year across the school district (431 at Bob Jones and 462 at James Clemens high schools.)

Approximately 62 percent of those reported scholarship offers totaling $57.2 million, with $23.7 million accepted.

A brief slideshow from Bob Jones and James Clemens high schools showcases students who agreed to be included.

Approximately 18 percent of the entire student body of MCS scored a 30 or higher on their ACT.

The school system had 25 National Merit Finalists, 14 U.S. Presidential Scholar candidates and 1 U.S. Presidential Scholar finalist.

Student plans based on exit surveys are as follows:
Four-year institution: 68 percent.
Two-year: 20 percent.
Military: 4 percent.
Workforce: 4 percent.
Undecided: 4 percent.