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Madison City Schools Food Distribution Plan


Madison City Schools has been providing  food assistance for students impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus threat. Beginning Tuesday, June 2, meal assistance will shift from schoolbus deliveries and CNP-prepared pickup packets to churches and volunteer based organizations.
Every Tuesday from June 2 and into summer, our wonderful volunteer support organizations will be offering a light, non-perishable food bag pickup from Discovery Middle School. The grab-n-go food can be picked up between 11 and 1 in the back of the school.

Cafeteria worker in mask and gloves loading a box with packaged lunches

Madison City Schools appreciates the assistance of churches for family food distributions. This service has been invaluable providing food help early into the national emergency and when Madison City Schools suspended food assistance to replenish its food stock and finalize a distribution plan.

If there are special circumstances  by Madison City Schools families of needing food assistance, please email our MCS social worker, Briana Hawkins, at

If you are interested in donating, email the MCS Development Office: 

School cafeteria workers loading a car with food bags

School employees loading food boxes from a cart onto a refrigerated truck

Loading the back of a school bus with food boxes

  Workers loading a schoolbus with food for delivery


Prepackaged lunches in clear bags awaiting delivery

Food prep worker loading food bags in car trunk for family

Bus driver loading cooler in back of bus with food boxes

Cafeteria worker making sandwiches for food bags for distribution

Two workers loading giant cooler in back of school bus for food deliveries