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DMS Dress Code

DMS parents and students,

We are seeing an increase in pajama pants at DMS.  Please see below and we appreciate your support.


Any holes that are above the allowed garment length must not show skin (leggings or shorts must be worn underneath). Undergarments must not be exposed.

Clothing that is too tight, short, or low cut will not be permitted. Shirts with a strap of less than 1.5”, halter tops, crop tops, or any other clothing pieces that show the mid-drift or bare back are not allowed.

Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, etc. can be worn with a shirt that reaches the top of the thigh, covering the bottom and private body areas. Images or wording on clothing must be school appropriate (i.e. no alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence, tobacco, or obscene references). 

Blankets, stuffed animals, pajamas, and house slippers are not allowed.

Any garment worn over leggings must be fingertip length. Clothing that is shorter than fingertip length will not be allowed.

If students have a dress code infraction depending upon the severity of the infraction, students will be given a warning, the option to call home for alternative clothing, or the option to utilize clothing given by the administrator. Unless it is an extreme dress code infraction, the student will be sent back to class until a change of clothes is brought to school.

The student will be placed in ISS if the student becomes defiant and refuses to change. Parents may not be contacted if the dress code infraction is addressed as a warning or if it can be corrected immediately. Administration will notify parents if the dress code infraction is recurring, needs to be addressed with a change of clothes, or the student becomes defiant.