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Schools Get Creative in Lessons/PTA Campaigns

If you saw some Madison City principals lately slathered in slime or racing tricycles on their campuses, it's all in fun.

Such stunts are part of school/PTA fund-raisers designed to lighten the mood and reinforce excitement in school communities. 

Horizon Principal Rodney Richardson racing a tricycle too small for him

Horizon Principal Rodney Richardson, left, races Coach Walls on trikes in the PTA Fundraiser Kickoff Pep Rally.

The activities, of course, are secondary to the more important mission of teaching students. Our MCS teachers are the best in making classroom learning engaging.

Occassional silliness is acceptable, though, when the purpose is to generate resources for extras like playground enhancements, new sound systems and lighting for school stages, and other needs. School PTAs play a vital role in helping to provide those little extras. Some of the stunts, also, center around learning fun. The national "Rock Your School" campaign challenged schools to decorate in ways that invigorate learning. 

A random sampling of pics this week from MCS elementary schools show the variety of ways schools are creating excitment on their campuses. Outside funding is particularly helpful to MCS which ranks 81st out of 140 school districts in Alabama in per pupil revenue and 102nd out of 140 in per pupil expenditures.

Heritage Principal Georgina Nelson and Assistant Principal Nathan Wilson covered in slime

Heritage Principal Georgina Nelson and AP Nathan Wilson, slimed for reaching PTA's fund raising goal 

 Classroom decorated in balloon figures

One of many creative themes at Mill Creek Elementary in the "Rock Your School" campaign to make learning fun

 Children in Halloween costumes along with costumed pets in a pet parade

 Rainbow Elementary Halloween pet walk

Madison Elementary Principal Jamie Golliver with costumed students

Madison Elementary Principal Jamie Golliver hamming it up with constumed students

Faculty of Columbia Elementary in Halloween costumes

 Columbia Elementary teachers at a PTA event

 students in oversized picture frame of Drug Free Red Ribbon Week campaign

Midtown Elementary students in its Red Ribbon Week drug-free campaign

Post of themes each day for Red Ribbon week teaching against drug use