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JCHS Merit Students Honored

Madison City Schools Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols joined Principal Brian Clayton today in a luncheon honoring National Merit Semifinalists from James Clemens High School.

JC's 18 merit scholars is the largest number of National Merit Semifinalists ever at James Clemens. In fact, JC alone this year produced more merit scholars than any entire school district in Alabama - except MCS which produced a total of 37 this year counting the 19 from Bob Jones High School.

Wide angle of students at luncheon

Dr. Nichols congratulated the students for their hard work and the sacrifices it took for their achievement. He urged students to take advantage of the opportunities that will bring and to "never shortchange" yourself in pursuing their dreams.
He left them with these thoughts:
1: Be true to self; make good decisions.
2: Don't be afraid to fail; setbacks can make you stronger.
3: Don't fear trying new things.
Dr. Nichols said their hard work is a compliment to their dedication, their parents and supportive teachers throughout their school experience.

group photo of national merit semifinalists from James Clemens High School

Here are the students at James Clemens High School who were named National Merit Semifinalist. Listed also are the elementary and secondary schools attended. 

Om N. Badhe: Mill Creek Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Aaron Justice Bright: private schools and Columbia Elementary, private middle school.

Grace A. Cardinale:out of state elementary; Liberty Middle.

Adeleine E. Chatterton: Heritage Elementary, Liberty Middle.

William D. Fox: Madison Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Tyler D. Gohlich: out of state elementary schools, Liberty Middle.

Sarah Guo: Columbia Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Sydney Y. Hur: out of state elementary and Mill Creek , Liberty Middle.

Afolabi A. Idowu: Mill Creek Elementary, Liberty Middle.

One Kim: out of state elementary, Madison Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Yewon Lee: Heritage Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Haripriya Mantraratnam: Madison Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Joshua T. Murphree: Columbia Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Minh A. Phan: out of state elementary, Columbia Elementary, Madison Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Santosh S. Sadasivam: Columbia Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Kaija K. Sorensen: Columbia Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Grant C. Spivey: Heritage Elementary, Liberty Middle.

Sarah K. Vaughan: Heritage Elementary, Liberty Middle.