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BJ Merit Students Honored

National Merit Semifinalists from Bob Jones High School were treated to lunch today in honor of their outstanding achievement. A total of 19 students qualified for this national prestigious honor. Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols joined Principal Sylvia Lambert in Patriot Hall to recognize the students and encourage them to continue their excellence in life pursuits.
Students seated with principal and superintendent in front of a Bob Jones banner
Dr. Nichols reminded students of those in their midst who supported and encouraged them. "Take time to tell a teacher thank you. You have been blessed to be part of one of the best high schools in America. You have also helped make Bob Jones one of the best high schools in America. It's a partnership."
Dr. Nichols asked for a show of hands how many had gone all the way through Madison City Schools. Nearly all raised their hand. A total of 15 attended all grades in MCS while four only attended from middle school on.
Asked their favorite thing about Bob Jones, responses included things like friendships, the opportunities available, caring teachers, great internships, and diversity of the student body. Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Brown Auburn, and Georgia were among those on their college lists.
Also there to honor the students were Assistant Superintendent Eric Terrell, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Healther Donaldson, Chief Operations Officer John Jones, and college and career counselor Stephanie Bostick.
The 18 National Merit Semifinalists from James Clemens will be honored next week.. Below are the BJHS National Merit Semifinalists and the schools attended before Bob Jones.
Jamie Clark: Horizon Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Maanasi Limaye: Rainbow Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Lillian Zhu: Horizon Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Rett Krome: Rainbow Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Jonathan Gunasekaran (out of state elementary and early middle, Discovery Middle.
Mike Zhang: West Madison Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Thomas Nguyen: Columbia Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Ben Kosan: Rainbow Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Aubteen Pour-Biazar: West Madison Elementary, Discovery Middle.
James Garrison: Monte Sano Elementary (Hsv), Discovery Middle.
Elise Baumgartner: Rainbow Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Diane Pham: Madison/Horizon Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Xuee Chen: (out of state elementary , Discovery Middle.
Yashas Gentela: West Madison Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Benjamin Gunasekaran: (out of state elementary and early middle), Discovery Middle.
Kailyn Grant: Horizon Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Dalton Shurtz: Columbia Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Collin Spindle : Madison Elementary, Discovery Middle.
Brandon Todd: Rainbow Elementary, Discovery Middle.