• Established in Madison City Schools in 2016, elementary Student 2 Student™ (eS2S™) is designed to increase awareness of and address school transitions affecting mobile elementary school students through a faculty-led and student-engaged model.

    Military kids move 6-9 times during their K-12 education, and change schools 3X more often than their civilian peers.

    What are the eS2S Core Values?
    Leadership - Student Character Growth
    • Being a role model
    • Changing the way students feel about the new student
    • Growing your eS2S program for the future
    Academics - Educational Adjustments
    • Encouraging educational success
    • Informing them of unique aspects for the new school
    • Providing them resources
    Service - Community Outreach
    • Giving back to the school
    • Giving back to the community
    • Giving back to the world
    Finding the Way - Campus, Culture, and Community
    • Campus - Helping the new students learn their way around the new school
    • Culture - The behaviors, beliefs, and characteristics that make your school unique
    • Community - The good your community has to offer
    Relationships - 100% Acceptance
    • Acceptance - Creating an environment where all are respected
    • Belonging - Helping the new student find a place where they fit in and feel accepted
    • Connections - Introducing the new student to others with similar qualities, values, and interests

    The school registrar maintains a record of new enrollees. Mrs. Butler, SPARC counselor, reviews  the record weekly. Mrs. Butler then greets the new students in PE so that the new students can have their pictures taken for the new student board located in the school atrium. This is done in conjunction  with Heritage's leadership program, Stephen Covey's Leader in Me. Later during each semester, eS2S Ambassadors escort and be-friend new students as they attend the new student socials.

    Applications for eS2S Ambassadors are available each spring. Mrs. Butler "recruits" by going into 3rd and 4th grade PE classes to tell the students about this awesome volunteer/service opportunity. Because eS2S Ambassadors are highly visible in the school--wearing their PURPLE t-shirts; hosting new student socials each semester;  maintaining/donating the lost and found; greeting at PTA meetings and other events; and performing service projects for St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis in the fall, Veterans in November and February and for Military Children in April; other students WANT to participate in these awesome activities!

    eS2S Ambassadors are called upon to serve as "official" greeters at various school events because they are knowledgeable and conduct themselves in a friendly manner and are able to interact with others well. This eS2S Ambassador (pictured) was located in the "Clubs" area for new students to visit prior to the first day of school. She welcomed many new families and answered LOTS of questions!

    eS2S Ambassadors are required to maintain at least an overall B average. By doing so, they set an example for other students who view them as role models.  For example, they assist the younger students with activities at our new student socials and in other various school settings.

    Prior to school opening, eS2S set up a "club" booth and answered new students' and their families' questions. In November, eS2S invited our students' family Veterans to attend lunch at Heritage as our special guests; and on cold winter Fridays, eS2S braved the elements and sold doughnuts as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis. Heritage raised almost $8,000 for this worthwhile cause! Throughout the winter, eS2S maintained and donated lost and found items to the North Alabama Foster Closet, and in February eS2S brought donations (personal hygiene, snacks, games, etc.) and made Valentine cards for residents of Tut Fann Veterans Home in Huntsville, AL.

    Each semester (fall and spring), eS2S Ambassadors host new student socials. They escort and "buddy with" their new friend throughout the entire social. Food (capri suns and rice krispy treats), Fun (Bingo!), and Facts (learning about and introducing each other) are always FABULOUS!

    Heritage eS2S cheer, (along) with their fellow students, as new students are recognized when Mrs. Butler comes to take their pictures in PE; and they donate lost and found items to charity, welcome community Veterans to lunch and donate "goodies" to the local Veterans home.

    During eS2S training, we discuss what 100% Acceptance means: Treating EVERYONE with dignity, respect, and kindness. We talk about how getting along with EVERYONE--despite our differences--is a MUST!

    Heritage eS2S set a goal for providing SERVICE throughout the school year. SERVICE began prior to school opening with the "club"  info booth. This was followed by hosting a new student social AND a Veterans luncheon, helping sell doughnuts for St. Jude donations, and collecting donations and making cards for Tut Fann Veterans. The team STILL plans to oversee the Month of the the Military Child events (ROTC Flag Retirement Ceremony to which the Mil kids are invited) and collec photographs for our annual Heroes' Wall (Our Veterans pics) prominently displayed in the main school hallway. 

    ***Most proud of St. Jude donation!***