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    The Horizon Media Center is always a hub of activity. Our program encourages students to be daily readers and lifelong learners. Whether they are reading for information or pleasure, we motivate children to develop a love of reading and learning. We promote literature and teach our students information literacy skills. By collaborating with teachers, our library media program becomes an extension of the classroom. We provide a large collection of high-interest books, a variety of learning materials, and access to 21st century technology tools to further enhance student achievement.



    Meet the Library Staff

    Meet the Library Staff

    Mrs. Banks --- Library Media Specialist

    Mrs. Staggers --- Library Aide


    Media Center Program
    • The Media Center is open daily from 7:45 A.M. - 2:25 P.M.
    • The Horizon Elementary School Library Media Center is operated for the benefit of all students. We strive to support learning, develop information skills, and promote literature.
    • Collaborative Teaching is at the heart of the HES Media Center. We collaborate with teachers to teach students different skills.
    • Flexible scheduling is used for all classes. Teachers sign-up for class story time sessions and collaborative teaching time for classroom lessons in all subjects.
    • The media center is open daily for students to visit individually or in small groups for research, book check-out, centers and computer use.

    Mission of the Library Media Program

    Alabama’s School Library Media Plan for the 21st Century Learner expresses the mission of Alabama’s library media programs as supporting the school’s instructional program to improve student learning and student achievement.This mission is accomplished by:

    • Ensuring learners will be able to independently inquire, think critically, and gain, create, and share knowledge.
    • Providing the real and virtual access to appropriate, high-quality resources and services during and outside the school day.
    • Participating in curriculum development and design of learning activities.


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