• The JCHS Travelers Society is a service club that allows students to learn about new cultures, foods, and traditions. We focus especially on upcoming trips that we are actually taking! All students at JCHS who want to learn about foreign culture and travel are encouraged to attend our meetings. However, if they are serious about travel, they can opt to enroll in our tours. Each year, we spend time focusing on the upcoming tour. In the summer of 2021, we are going to Italy, Monaco, France, and England, though we were supposed to go during the summer of 2020. (We rescheduled due to COVID-19.) Enrollment for this tour is still open: www.eftours.com/2159546su

    Also in the summer of 2021, we will tour the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England), so the 20/21 school year our focus will turn to this tour. Enrollment is still open for this tour as well: www.eftours.com/2267600kw

    We are also planning for 2022, and have landed on a tour of northern Italy that will focus on cuisine and culture. Check out the enrollment page for more information: www.eftours.com/2374448pk 


    We hope you consider joining us for learning, community service, and enrichment!