• Stellar Xplorers will meet on Thursdays in D220....

    See Mrs. Givens in D220 if you have any questions!

    More information can also be found at www.stellarxplorers.org

    STELLARXPLORERS inspires and attracts high school students to pursue studies and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through a challenging, space system design competition involving all aspects of system development and operation with a spacecraft/payload focus.
    Who can participate?  Teams consist of an adult Team Director (usually a teacher) and two to six students. Team Mentors with space experience are available in-person or online.
    How does it work? The Program supplies a self-contained academic/education component accessed online as a curriculum supplement, as well as specific training in the use of system simulation software, Systems Tool Kit (STK). The competition leading up to the finals will be accomplished from the team’s home location on any Windowsbased personal computer. Teams will be asked for their solutions to a typical space design problem, such as orbit determination, satellite component selection, and launch vehicle planning, as outlined in a scenario describing the system’s mission and constraints. Practice Rounds will precede three Qualification/Prestige Rounds in November, December, and February that will determine teams advancing to Semi-Finals in March to continue the full learning experience. The top teams from the Semi-Finals will receive an all-expense-paid trip the Finals in Colorado in early April.
    For Students This is an exciting hands-on learning experience that develops commercially valuable skills and increases appreciation for the critical role of space in our daily lives. The competition attracts all types of students with diverse backgrounds who will establish their own experiential base off accomplishment, all while building teamwork and leadership skills. Most of all … it is FUN!!!
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