• RPG Club @ DMS

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    Who We Are:  Welcome to the RPG Club @ DMS! This club is geared around tabletop role playing games. This club is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to play or to the veterans of RPGs.  

    What We Do: Students will learn the rules of the games, create characters, and role play through each session. Students have a great opportunity to learn teamwork, creative writing and character development, and improvisational choices. Role playing games offer unique opportunities to explore ideas and develop empathy.

    When We Meet: Fridays after school until 5:00.  Students must have their own transportation home and be picked up on time.  After the second late pick up, students will be removed from the club.

    Where We Meet: Dr. François’ classroom, Room 400, in the DMS Dungeon

    Club fee:  5 dollars

    Want to get involved:  You do not have to be an expert at RPGs.  We welcome all interested students, from experts to newbies.  More advanced players will serve as Adventure Guides and help Newbies learn the rules and game playing strategies and skills.  Intermediate students will have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, while simultaneously developing their own game playing strategy.  

    Questions:  Contact Dr. François