• Thursday, September 23rd

      Here is next week’s newsletter: September 27- October 1.

      The last Friday of every month is FREE snack day! Students who have not lost a Fun Friday during the month of September will receive one free snack. Prepaid cards are not accepted on the free days, and the cost of prepaid cards accounts for the free day that is built into each month. Families can send in cash for their students to purchase additional snacks. Fun Friday Free Snack

      Heads up: our field trip information and paperwork will be coming home in folders Monday. There will be a quick turn around to return everything before Fall Break.  The cost will be $20.00, this covers student admissions to the farm, a pumpkin for each student, and transportation. Forms and payment will be due September 30th.

      Next week is the last week of the first quarter. I am continuing to collect data and complete one on one assessments with the students for their first nine weeks report card throughout next week. If you know in advance that your child will be out of school for any day next week, please let me know so that I may adjust my assessment schedule to ensure your child’s first nine weeks assessments are completed. 

      We are rocking and rolling with our Boosterthon Fun Run! Thank you for your support securing pledges and/or flat donations. Currently our class has raised $30.17 per lap of $80.00 per lap goal. Keep up the good work, let’s reach our goal!

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  • Monday, September 20th 

    Today kicks off our Boosterthon Fun Run! We are super excited to raise money for our school! We have a school wide goal of raising $30,000 with a specific goal for the funds to be used for much needed playground updates.  We appreciate your support and dedication to our school! 

    Thank you to all who returned Practice Sheet #1 today. If you forgot to return it today, please send it in your child’s Daily Folder tomorrow. Practice Sheet #2 is coming home in folders today. 

    You will also see your child’s work from Literacy Stations daily coming home in folders. The students did well last week with our first week of Literacy Stations. Literacy Stations are an important time in our day for students to complete group/partner work reinforcing our reading skills, while I teach differentiated small group lessons.  I look forward to seeing the students grow with independence, cooperatively working with others and producing quality work while working in stations. 

    This week, we will enjoy our first Scholastic News lesson! Thank you for providing the funds for us to have this wonderful resource. Not only does our subscription include the colorful newspaper your child will bring home, it also comes with access to great digital resources.

    Picture Proofs came home in Daily Folders Friday.  If you wish to place an order, the due date is September 29th.  Picture Make-up Day is scheduled for September 30th.  If you would like for your child to retake pictures on make-up day, you will need to send a note to school in their daily folder on September 30th. On picture make-up day, I will only send the students who were absent on picture day and those with a note from parents requesting to retake their picture.  

    Reminder to email Community Helper assignment by Wednesday, September 23rd . The post from September 10th includes the details for this assignment. We are looking forward to learning about our Parents and their roles as Community Helpers.

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  • Thursday, September 16th

    Please take a minute to read next week’s newsletter: September 20-24

    Please sign your child's progress report and return it in the red Report of Learning folder tomorrow.

    If you are trying to login to your child’s Beanstack account, it would be helpful if you had their email address! Here is the pattern for email addresses: first name, middle initial, last initial followed by @madisoncity.k12.al.us Thank you for logging into Beanstack and scanning the books you read at home. Click this link for more information: Beanstack.

    Tomorrow is Fun Friday. Send a dollar in a labeled envelope if you would like your child to purchase a snack at Fun Friday.

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    • Monday, September 13th

      Our first Practice Sheet is coming home in folder's today. As you read on the newsletter, please don't do it all at once - a little each day will benefit your child. This is a picture of what to look for in the folder: Picture of Practice Sheet

      Today, we began our first week of our Wonders Reading Series. We are focusing on the letter Mm this week. Our first phonics worksheet is coming home in folders today. Review the sheet with your child. It is always a good idea to give your child more time to practice the skill we have covered that day. 

      The students were so excited about our first day of Literacy Stations. It went well for the first day!

      If your child loses a ticket at school, please remember to initial the behavior calendar. Thank you!

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  • September 10, 2021 

    You should have received an email from Columbia on Thursday regarding the Required Forms for Participation. If you have not already done so, please fill out each form for your students at Columbia. 

    Media Center Permission Form

    Permission to Publish Form

    Physical Education Participation

    We will be studying Community Helpers later in September. I need each parent to email me by September 23, 2021 with two things: 

    1. A picture of you at work or working from home.
    2. A sentence about how your job helps others. 

    I will share your picture and read your sentence to the class during Community Helper Week. 

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  • Thursday, September 9th will be Spirit Night at Panda Express. Please see the attached flyer for details on time and ordering. 

    Friday, September 10th we will observe Patriot Day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in their red, white, and blue! 

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  • Tuesday September 7, 2021

    We made it all the way to the letter Z last Friday for our Letter Experts! We enjoyed celebrating all the Letter Experts with a dance party and fun alphabet songs! I am very proud of all the students and their hard work as the Letter Expert! Thank you to each family for working with your child on this assignment!

    We will review the letters and sounds from Letter Experts this week along with continuing sorting words/pictures based on the beginning sound. We are also working hard in class to complete our beginning of the year i-ready assessments on the computer. Those scores will be sent home with the 1st Nine Weeks Progress Report on September 15th. 

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  • Thursday, September 2nd 

    Here is next week’s newsletter: September 6-10. Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter each week. I appreciate you doing your part to keep yourself informed about classroom learning.

    Please remember that tomorrow is a 1/2 day. We dismiss at 11:00.  

    Next Friday, September 10th we will observe Patriot Day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in their red, white, and blue! 

    Columbia Elementary School is looking for Chess Team Members. If you would like for your child to sign up, please click this link: Chess Team Sign Up

    When your child comes to school each day, please make sure your child:

    1. is wearing a mask and has an extra inside his/her backpack
    2. has a water bottle filled with water and ice
    3. has the blue Daily Folder inside his/her backpack
    4. is wearing velcro or slip-on shoes

    Thank you!!!

    Weekend To Do List:

    1. Remove papers from the daily folder. 
    2. Let your child practice rolling up their rest mat.
    3. Send rest mats back on Tuesday.
    4. Enjoy the LONG weekend!
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  • Monday, August 30th

    No school tomorrow, Tuesday, August 31st due to potential of severe weather. Please stay weather aware and be safe! 

    Today is the deadline for ordering books with Scholastic for the month of August. Please use our class code Y8CDQ when ordering online. 

    Friday is a half day for students, I sent out a Google Form for transportation and lunch selection Friday via email. Please have one parent fill out the form no later than tomorrow. Thank you, if you have already filled out the form!

    Class shirt order forms and money are due Thursday. We will wear these shirts several times this year. Please consider purchasing a class shirt.

    If you forgot to return your child's restmat today, please send it to school with them tomorrow. 

    Reminder to send snack and a water bottle daily. Please check and empty the BLUE Daily Folder everyday. Some folders are returning to school not emptied and papers are falling all over the floor. Thank you for your support! :)

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  • Thursday, August 26th

    For the past two weeks we have focused on writing our names with the correct letter formation and orientation to the lines.   We talk about how the first letter should be an uppercase letter and the rest of the letters in our name are lowercase.  You can help your child by having him/her practice writing their name at home with the correct letter formation.   We are also working on using scissors correctly. We talk about how our elbow is by our side, scissors are pointing away from your belly, the thumb is up and we use a straight wrist while cutting.  We tell students scissors go open and shut while the other hand is holding firmly the paper while turning the paper.  These fine motor skills are very important.  By developing their fine motor control, children are able to access so many more things, and become confident and able students.  It would be very beneficial to practice these scissor skills at home as well.

    Friendly reminders:

    Our front office staff asks that parents do not drop off forgotten items such as rest mats, snacks, etc.  These items are not always able to get to the classroom in a timely manner. 

    Please continue to practice rolling up rest mats at home, as well as opening lunch/snack items.  We are striving to do these things independently. 

    Fun Friday:  The last Friday of the month includes a free snack at Fun Friday. (If you have attended all of the Fun Fridays for that particular month).  Tomorrow, August 27th is the last Friday of this month, however students were given the free snack the first Friday of this month so they could get the full experience of what Fun Friday is like and to encourage students to strive toward positive behaviors so they can earn that reward each month.  If you would like for your child to get a snack tomorrow, please send in a dollar if you have not ordered the snack ticket from PTA.  All monies collected go towards our end of the year bash! 

    A glance at next week:

    Reading - identifying beginning sounds, Letter Experts for T, U, V, W, X, Y, & Z and writing names. We will also begin learning about literacy stations and the rules/procedures that we follow during that time.

    Math - count sets of objects and write numerals 6 & 7


    Upcoming dates:

    9/2- Class T-shirt money is due

    9/3- Half day for students/Collaborative Day for teachers. Students will be dismissed at 11:00 a.m. A Google Form will be sent out soon for information on transportation changes  and lunch count.

    9/6- Labor Day; no school

    9/10- Patriot Day- Students are encouraged to wear Red, White, and Blue

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  • Monday, August 23rd, 2021

    Throughout the past few weeks we have focused on getting to know each other, learning our rules and procedures, and learning the habits that will help us to be leaders.  We go over our rules each day so it helps us continue to learn procedures and we have discussed our expectations as a class.  We have made numerous posters that will serve as reminders for our expectations and goals.  We made a peacemaker/ peacebreaker poster, a good listeners poster, and a De-Bug poster (steps for what to do if someone is bothering you). Having structure and organization in a classroom is essential for a positive, productive learning environment. We have also discussed the importance of doing our best with all our work.  You can help by encouraging your child and giving simple directions to follow at home independently.

    Last week, our kindergarten students had a book care lesson.  We learned how to take care of the books we read.  This week we will return to the library and have a library orientation lesson. We will learn the rules of the library and how to check out books. Hopefully your child’s first school library book will come home at the end of this week! 

    DIBELS:  Kindergarten students will have their Beginning of the Year DIBELS assessments on Thursday, August 26th.   

    Class Shirt: Class shirt orders are due on Thursday, September 2nd. Our class shirts will be orange. We will wear the shirts multiple times this school year, so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

    Lunchroom Food:  The lunch menu is available on Columbia’s website so you can talk to your child about what is being served daily. If you know the food options are something your child does not like, please consider sending a lunchbox.  

    School Picture Day: Picture day is Wednesday, August 25th.  These are the pictures that will be used in the yearbook. We understand that you may not want to follow our Kindergarten Color Day on Picture Day. That is perfectly fine!

    Totally Tuesdays:  Our PTA is sponsoring fun dress up days once a month on the last Tuesday of each month.  The first one is this Tuesday, August 24th.  If your child sends in $1 they can dress up.  This Tuesday’s dress is for Spirit Wear/CES colors. Our school colors are RED and BLACK.

    Power School Parent Portal: In your child’s Daily Folder today, you will find directions on how to access the Parent Portal for Power School. The main reason for parents of students in Kindergarten -2nd grade to login to the parent portal is to view your child’s attendance records. This will be something you access frequently when your child is in 3rd -12th grade to view your child’s grades.

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  • Thursday, August 19th 

    Thank you for continuing to participate in our Color Weeks daily colors! We are enjoying learning about colors. We have had fun painting primary and secondary colors this week. Ask your child about mixing colors to make purple, green and orange paint. The kids were excited watching the colors change as we mixed!

    Our first Scholastic Book order is coming home in folders today. This is a great way for you to purchase books for your child at a discounted price. Orders need to be placed online, you will enter our class code: Y8CDQ Orders will need to be submitted online by noon August 30th. 

    The order form for class shirts will be coming home in folders on Friday. You will want to be sure to order a shirt for your child because we will wear them often throughout the school year. Please reach out to me if purchasing this shirt is a hardship for your family. Thank you!


    Upcoming C.E.S. events:

    August 23rd- Breakfast with the Principal

    August 24th- Totally Tuesday- Wear C.E.S. Colors/Spirit Wear

    August 25th- Picture Day- these are the pictures that will be in the school yearbook

    August 26th- Watch Dog Dad Kick off 


    A glance at next week:

    Reading - identifying beginning sounds, Letter Experts for N, O, P, Q, R, S, writing names

    Math - comparing groups of objects as equal, greater than, or less than, comparing groups of objects to five, and comparing numerals 0-5


    Helpful weekend to do list:

    1. Cozy up and enjoy reading your child’s poetry notebook
    2. Wash your child’s rest mat
    3. Have your child practice rolling up and securing their rest mat until they can do it independently 3 times in a row.
    4. Have fun playing Rhyming Lotto with your child (sent home in folders today with directions)
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  • Monday, August 16th 

    There was a sea of RED at recess today! The kids looked great! We are looking forward to continuing our colors for the next two weeks. Please see the flyer Kindergarten Color Weeks. 

    Scholastic News money is due tomorrow. Please send $7.00 in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, my name and “Scholastic News.” Please remember to send in your child’s Scrapbook page and Informational Letter, if not already done so. 

    We have had a week and a half of practicing our school and classroom rules. We began our ticket system today (our school wide behavior plan). If your child lost a ticket, you will see the code and how many tickets were taken. If a ticket was lost please initial in the box for that day. Small initials in the corner of the box is perfect, please do not make additional markings (smiles/frowns,etc.). As we discussed at Parent Night, your child should be able to explain the choices he/she made to have taken a ticket. Please encourage your child to follow directions and make good choices. Thank you for your support of good classroom behavior.

    Thank you to all who practiced rolling rest mats this weekend. I can tell the students who practiced and they were proud to show me how they could do it! If your child did not practice, please have them practice when mats come home this Friday. Several students need assistance rolling and securing their rest mat. 

    This month Peasant T-Shirt Shoppe is offering a one of a kind CES Tie-Dye shirt. If you would would like to purchase, please use this link: https://peasant-tshirt-shoppe.printavo.com/merch/ces-tie-dyed-tee/

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  • Thursday, August 12th 

    Kindergarten will have Color Week from August 16-27. We want to encourage your child to wear the specified color. Please read this flyer to know the specifics for each day. Thank you for participating! Kindergarten Color Week

    Tomorrow is Fun Friday. All of our students will participate in Fun Friday tomorrow because this was a practice week for Kindergarten. (Tickets will begin in Kindergarten on Monday, August 16th.) If you would like your child to purchase a snack, you can send $1.00 in a labeled envelope. Please write your child’s name and FDF on the envelope. PTA distributed the Snack Cards to the teachers today. If you pre-purchased a snack card or send an envelope with $1.00, I will give it to your child on our way to Fun Friday. 

    Rest mats will come home tomorrow. Please wash the rest mat and return it to school with your child on Monday. While the mat is at home, please have your child practice rolling it up independently.

    Poetry Notebooks will come home in the backpacks tomorrow. I hope you enjoy cozying up and reading these with your child. Leave the poems in the notebook and send the notebook back to school on Monday. 

    A glance at next week:

    Reading - rhyming words, Letter Experts for H, I, J, K, L, M

    Math - count sets of objects and write numerals 1-5, the concept of zero, ordering numbers 0-5

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  • Tuesday, August 10th

    Thank you for attending Parent Night last night! If you were unable to attend Parent Night either in person or via WebEx, click the link to see the presentation. Kindergarten Parent Night 2021 Please know this is only a small glimpse of what was discussed last night. I sent the handouts in your child’s daily folder today. Please complete the class directory slip and return tomorrow. There is a note regarding Scholastic News, we will use this to supplement instruction this year. Please keep the handwriting sheet to use when helping your child write letters with correct formation. 

    I hope you found the information to be valuable. As I said it would happen, I thought of a few things I forgot to mention during Parent Night:

    Good Time Tickets - Children who exhibit behavior above and beyond the expected behavior can earn Good Time Tickets. They save these to trade in for special activities. For example, if they save 5 tickets, they get to have a flashlight and books during rest time. If they save 30 tickets, they get to eat lunch with me on the stage. (There are several other levels in between these.)

    Sleeping Habits - It is imperative that your child have enough sleep each night to be able to successfully make it through our school day. It is recommended that school age children get between 10-12 hours of sleep each night. That means if your child wakes up at 6:30, they need to be in bed no later than 7:30-8:00 with lights out and no TV/devices. The best way to address undesirable behavior is getting more sleep. 

    Mask and Lanyards- Your child’s mask needs to be attached to a lanyard each day. Students take masks off for lunch, snack, recess, P.E. and rest time. Students without lanyards  for their masks are sitting them down on the table/floor, putting them on their wrist then dropping them, losing/leaving them. If your child’s mask is on a lanyard it makes it much simpler when taking masks off and putting them back on. Please show your child how to turn the lanyard around while they are eating so their food doesn’t fall into their masks.

    Deadline for Letter Expert pictures: I wanted to clarify the deadline for emailing the Letter Expert assignment. When you receive the Letter Expert assignment paper, it says to email me the picture the day before your child presents to the class. I need to be more specific. I need the picture by noon the day before your child is scheduled to present. 

    In the folder today, you will see your child’s math paper. You will notice we were unable to complete the last sheet of our math papers today. As I said last night, this is not  “homework” that has to be completed and brought back to school. However, several students had a difficult time writing the number 2. You will notice I wrote 2 with yellow highlighter on your child’s paper. Having your child practice the sheet we did not finish would be beneficial for one on one assistance with writing the number 2. Thank you for your help! :) 

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  • Thursday, August 5th

    We've had a wonderful first day with the girls on Wednesday and the boys today! We had busy days learning our classroom rules, taking a tour of the school, and getting to know our classmates. We look forward to having all of the students here tomorrow.

    Our Kindergarten Parent Night is in our classroom on Monday, August 9th at 5:00. It is important that each child have one parent present for the meeting, preferably the parent who works with the child on school work and will be communicating with me. The meeting is for adults only because it typically lasts 1.5-2 hours. Parents/guardians will need to wear masks to the meeting. Thank you!

    Friendly Reminders ~

    Snack needs to be packed separate from lunch. 

    Snack is a water bottle and one snack. If you want your child to have a choice, please let them make that choice at home before packing it in the backpack. 

    If your child is bringing a lunch box from home, the packed lunch needs to have a drink included. The snack water bottles are not brought to the lunchroom. If you want to send a water bottle for lunch and there is not room inside the lunchbox, your child needs to know that it is for lunch so he/she can put it on the lunchbox shelf. If it is not in the lunchbox, then it will need to be labeled with your child’s name and the word “Lunch.” 

    Your child needs to wear tennis shoes without laces. This means they need to have velcro or slip on.

    Please check your child's Blue Daily Folder each afternoon and send it to school everyday.

    If your child is missing school supplies, send them to school as you get them. Be sure to tell your child to take it out of his/her backpack and give it to me.

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