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    The elementary school rezone has been approved by the MCS Board of Education, and will go into effect at the beginning of 2021-2022 school year.  All rising 5th grade students may complete a transfer request to remain at their currently zoned elementary for their 5th grade year.  Parents will have to provide transportation, and younger siblings will not be approved. If the family moves to a new school zone, the waiver will no longer be valid to remain at the school and the student will need to attend the zoned school.

    Please email zoning@madisoncity.k12.al.us only if you cannot figure out where your particular residence may be zoned in this plan. 

    Madison City Schools is excited to open a new elementary school in August 2021. Midtown Elementary will open with approximately 880 students, providing room for additional growth in our ever-increasing population. Even during this pandemic, we have continued to see growth at all three levels of students: elementary, middle and high. With the opening of this new elementary, comes the need to rezone students. This rezone is based on all current and new developments approved by the City of Madison and the Town of Triana. With the rezone, we always strive to keep our schools representative of our community that is richly blessed with diversity. Madison City Schools has always created school populations at each school with similar socio-economic ratios. Rezoning is always a challenge with movement of families. We have tremendous faculty and staff at each of our schools. Each school ranks in the top ten based on the most recent NICHE report. Also, since the inception of the A-F State Report Card, all of Madison City Schools have received an A on their Report Card. Each school will be sad to see students rezoned to another school, but at the same time are always excited to welcome new faces. Many neighborhoods have not changed in the proposed rezone plan, but for those that have, there will be an open house in August to welcome you to your new school.


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    april 8 elementary rezoning map