• Tuesday, April 27th 

    The Report of Learning Folders went home in backpacks today. Please read through your child's Progress Reports, especially the comment boxes in the 4th Nine Weeks. Please work with your child on any areas that have not been mastered yet. In just a few weeks, I will begin end of the year Report Card assessments. We can work together to help your child master the standards. Please sign the Progress Report and return the Report of Learning folder.

    The following are our Power Standards. Any area not mastered needs your support.

    - 50 Fry sight words (flashcards)

    - Writing CVC words

    - Reading grade level text with purpose and understanding 

    - Counting to 100 

    - Counting on from any given number

    - Addition Facts (flashcards)

    - Subtraction Facts (flashcards)

    Also, the last day to check out a library book is Thursday, May 6th.

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  • Friday, April 23rd 

    Here is next week's newsletter: April 26-30

    Next week is Abilities Awareness Week. Here is the flyer describing the dress-up days: Abilities Awareness Week

    Please talk to your child about listening and following the classroom rules. One rule that we ask they follow is to not interupt instruction. The number of times I am having to stop instruction to correct this behavior has really increased in the past few weeks. Thank you for reminding your child of your expectations for his/her behavior while he/she is at school. Also, I ask that you talk to your child about wearing masks correctly over their nose at school.  

    I know that it is a busy time of year with sports and activities, but I ask that you still please check and empty your child's Daily Folder daily. 

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  • Friday, April 16th 

    Please read next week's newsletter: April 19-23

    Please continue to do the Fry Sight word flashcards, addition flashcards, and subtraction flashcards every day. These are 3 of our Power Standards that need to be mastered before 1st grade.  Reinforcement at home is critical for success. 

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  • Thursday, April 8th

    Tomorrow is a virtual day. The packet was put in students' Daily Folder on Wednesday. There is a To Do List paper stapled to the top.

    This is next week's newsletter: April 12-16 Thank you for taking the time to read it each week!

    Mark your calendars: Our class will take their Spring DIBELS benchmark assessment on Monday, April 19th. You will want to make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before and eats a healthy breakfast the morning of the test. Thank you!

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  • Friday, April 2nd

    Here is the newsletter for next week: April 5-9 Thank you for reading the newsletter each week.

    Practice Folders: Please send your child's Practice Folder each Tuesday. It would be SO helpful to have all 17 Practice Folders at school on the same day. 

    Each time your child receives a new page of CVC words in their Practice Folder, please listen to your child read the words. Encourage your child to just read the word without orally pushing the sounds together (thinking the sounds, saying the word). If reading a CVC word without orally blending is a difficult task for your child, please have your child read the page of CVC words daily. Thank you for your support at home!

    As you've read on the newsletter, April 9th is a virtual day. The packet of papers will be sent home in your child's Daily Folder on Thursday. 

    The results of the vision screening are in your child's folder.

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  • Friday, March 26th

    Here is next week's newsletter: March 29-April 2 Please read all of the information in the newsletter. Thank you for doing your part to stay informed. 

    Report of Learning Folders are in backpacks today. Comments about a few of the report card power standards: 

    • If your child has a 1 on "Read Kindergarten high frequency words accurately and automatically, fluently add within 5, and fluently subtract within 5," there is a great way to help your child master the skill...daily use of flashcards. :)
    • Spell simple words phonetically by writing a letter for consonant and short vowels - Students are expected to apply our Kindergarten phonics rules when writing words. This includes the correct use of short vowels in words like pin, pen, ham, yam. It also includes writing -ck when final /k/ is after a short vowel. For example, duck, stick, tack, lock, etc. They are also expected to remember that q and u together make the beginning sound with the following words: quiz, quit, quack, quilt, quick, quest. To practice at home give your child a piece of paper and say any of the above words and ask your child to write them.
    • Independently read grade level appropriate text with purpose and understanding - Please listen to your child read the passages in the Practice Folder. When finished, ask questions about what they have read.

    After taking notes about which standards to practice at home, please sign the line on the top right of the first page and return in the Report of Learning Folder. Thank you!

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  • Thursday, March 11th

    Here is the newsletter for when we return from Spring Break: March 22-26
    The week we return is also Abilities Awareness Week. Here is a flyer for the dress up days: Abilities Awareness Week
    We had so much fun making rockets and using the rocket launcher today! 
    The students have enjoyed dressing up for Space Week. Tomorrow is Pajama Day. Please follow the same guidelines as last week...two piece pajamas and tennis shoes.  
    I hope each of you are able to have a Spring Break that is full of rest and fun!
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  • Friday, March 5th 

    Here is next week's newsletter: March 8-12

    I have a favor to ask of you. When you help your child log into Clever at home, please click the heart on the iReady icon so that it will appear at the top the next time your child logs into Clever. This will help us so much when we do iReady in the classroom. 

    Next week is Space Week: 

    Monday, March 8th: Star Wars Day (Wear Star Wars T-Shirt)
    Tuesday, March 9th: Space Rocks (Dress like a scientist)
    Wednesday, March 10th: Aliens & Astronauts (Dress like an alien or astronaut)
    Thursday, March 11th: We are all Stars Day (Wear school spirit shirt or stars shirt)
    Friday, March 12th: Goodnight Moon (Wear Pajamas)

    While assessing for Report Cards this week, I noticed that many students are really struggling with automatically and accurately producing the answers to the addition and subtraction facts. The flashcards we sent home in January are a great way to practice math facts. Fluency with addition and subtraction facts is a power standard in Kindergarten; so please begin working on these facts at home, if not already. Thank you for your support!

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  • Friday, February 26th

    Here is next week's newsletter: March 1-5
    Read Across America will be March 1-5.  There are dress up days for each day of the week: Read Across America Flyer 
    Monday- Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Jersey!
    Tuesday- Wear a Nametag Day!
    Wednesday- Warm Fuzzy Day- Wear Your Kind Words!
    Thursday- Wear Your Favorite Outfit!
    Friday- Wear Your Pajamas (Reminder no one piece pajamas, students need to be able to easily take off for restroom breaks.)
    If your family contributed to the Teacher Appreciation Lunch on Wednesday. I just want to express my gratitude and say "Thank you!" I really enjoyed the special lunch from Bravo!
    Friendly reminders:
    * Tennis shoes must be worn daily.
    * Please be sure your child has a change of clothes and an extra mask in their backpack.
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  • Friday, February 19th 

    Here is next week's newsletter: February 22-26 

    Columbia is hosting a Mask and Hand Soap Drive for Downtown Rescue Mission next week. Here is the flyer: Mask and Soap Drive 

    PTA will be hosting Multicultural Night next week. Each night will feature a different country. I believe you will be able to participate through the PTA social media accounts. Check your email for more information from PTA or Mr. Hill.

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  • Thursday, February 11th

    Here is next week's newsletter: February 15-19

    We had an exciting Valentine's Day at school. They enjoyed the Valentine Exchange. Thank you for my Valentine's Day cards and treats! 

    Thank you to those who attended Parent Night. I hope you found the information helpful for your family. Here are the slides from tonight: Parent Night

    Enjoy the long weekend. Please remember to send Practice Folders when we return on Tuesday. 

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  • Friday, February 5th 

    Here is this week's next newsletter: February 8-11

    Here is the invitation for Parent Night: Parent Night Invitation

    Keep working on the cards for the Valentine Exchange. These need to be sent to school on February 8th. If you haven't started today would be a great day to work on them!

    Practice Folders: The goal for these folders is that your child is reading the Word List, consonant-vowel-consonant words, and passages at least 3 days each week. (Reading the passages or other beginner reader books would be ideal!) The time your child spends reading will only help him/her to become a better reader. 

    Reach out to me if you have a question. I'm here to help. 

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  • Tuesday, February 2

    We will now be having a virtual day on both February 5th and 12th. We will send home the work for Friday the day before. It will be in the back pocket of the Daily folder. We will not have a Live lesson on either of these Fridays. The students will need to check Schoology and complete their work.

    The virtual day on February 12th will move our Valentine Exchange to Thursday, February 11th. Remember all valentines must be at school by Monday, February 8th. Thank you to all the families that have already sent in valentines!

    We had a great 100th Day of School! The children were adorable dressed as 100 year olds! We had fun doing all of our 100 day activities!

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  • Friday, January 29th 

    This is next week's newsletter: February 1-5

    This is a recording sheet for February's Challenge: Recording Sheet

    I look forward to seeing each family on our Parent Night WebEx. Here is the invitation: Parent Night Invitation

    Please remember to send a note on Monday if your child completed the Janaury Challenge. 

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  • Monday, January 25

    In our phonics instruction this week, we are learning about the letter Kk. The reason this is such an important week of instruction is because of the phonics rule for when we hear /k/ at the end of a word. The students are learning that we spell final /k/ with -ck after a short vowel. When looking at your child's phonics worksheet, you will notice we wrote several words that had a final /k/ after a short vowel: kick, duck, sock, rock, neck, lick. This is a skill the students will need to show they understand even in their writing. It is listed on our progress report and report cards as "Spell simple words phonetically by writing a letter for consonant and short vowels."

    Please continue to practice math fluency flash cards and Fry sight word flash cards at home. I will be assessing for the next Progress Report this week and next week. Thank you for your support.

    It is Kindness Week at Columbia! Mr. Hill sent this flyer by email last week. Check out each day's challenge: Kindness Week Challenges 

    Fantastic Friday on January 29th is Game On. (Click on flyer.)

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  • Friday, January 22nd

    Here is next week's newsletter: January 25-29.

    February 1st is the 100th Day of School! Kindergarteners can dress up on the 100th Day of School as if they were 100 years old. Ideas for the girls: hair in a bun, glasses, dress or sweater, pearls/bead necklace, wrinkles, etc. Ideas for the boys: suspenders, tie, cardigan sweater, glasses, wrinkles, etc. You can probably find most of these items around your house or in your dress-up box. I also thought I would share that they have 100th Day dress up items at Party City.  It will be a fun day! 

    Keep working on the Valentine's Exchange Home Project. As your family works on writing valentine's, please have your child do the writing, not mom or dad. When your child has finished writing the names on the cards, please let your child practice reading the names. Your child will need to be able to read the name in order to drop the valentine in the correct bag. We sent this home early so the children have plenty of time to work on this project. If your child wrote 2 per day for 9 nine days, they'll have it done without hand cramps. :) 

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  • Friday, January 15th 

    Here is next week's newsletter: January 18-22 Please be sure to read about the iReady assessment.

    I am so excited to have all of my students back in the classroom together next week. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at school on Tuesday. 

    Please talk with your child about keeping their mask over their nose and mouth. The amount of reminders that have been given since we returned from Christmas break has increased quite a bit. Thank you for sending your child in a mask that fits his/her face. It would be helpful for you to review proper handwashing procedures at home. Also, please reiterate the need to cover coughs and sneezes with our elbows. 

    I received many notes/emails about last week's newsletter. If your family hasn't read it yet, please take time to do so. Thank you!!

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    • Friday, January 8th

      Here is next week's newsletter: January 11-15 Thank you for taking time to read it.

      Next week will follow the hybrid schedule again. Group A will come Monday and Tuesday. Everyone is virtual on Wednesday. Group B will come Thursday and Friday.

      The 3rd Nine Weeks is a very crucial time of the school year.  It is important to keep in mind that the days at home are also instructional days, so we can't let an instructional day go by without our students reading, writing, and doing math. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question about what your child should be doing on their virtual days. 

      The students will be taking their DIBELS benchmark test next week. Group A will take their DIBELS tests on Tuesday and Group B will take their DIBELS tests on Thursday. Please ensure your child gets a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast. Thank you!

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  • Monday, January 4th

    Here is the newsletter for January 5-8. Please read the information and take note of this month's challenge. 

    If your child completed the December challenge, please write a note and send it in their folder when they return this week.

    According to our School Wide Behavior Plan, Kindergarten students drop to 8 tickets during 2nd semester. Once we return to our normal schedule, it can be challenging for some to keep all 8 tickets. This is especially true because expectations increase during 2nd semester and warnings decrease. Please encourage your child to listen and follow directions to meet classroom expectations. 

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  • Friday, December 11th 

    Thank you for helping your child access Schoology on their virtual days. With only being at school two days, it is so important that your child participates with the reading lesson on their virtual learning days. Thank you for supporting your child through their written work as well. Students in Group B received their packets for Monday-Wednesday. It is in their backpacks. I will see Group A at school on Monday. 

    Here is next week's newsletter: December 14-18

    Here is a flyer explaining the dress up days for next week: CES Holiday Spirit Week

    If you ordered school pictures, they were sent home today for students in Group B. I will send home pictures for Group A students on Monday. 

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  • Decmber 4, 2020

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break! Here is the newsletter for December 7-11. If you child completed the November challenge, please send in a note. 

    Here is next week's Terrific Tuesday and Fabulous Friday!! 


    Tennis shoes are required daily - no boots. 

    We go out for recess unless it's raining or 32 degrees or cooler. Please send a coat to school daily. 

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  • November 28, 2020

    Here is the newsletter for November 30-December 4th.

    The red Report of Learning Folders need to be returned with all documents still inside. Thank you for taking the time to read it and practice the skills with your child. 

    Because next week will be different instead of just Fabulous Fridays, we will also have Terrific Tuesdays!! Attached you will find the schedule. Terrific Tuesday Fabulous Friday

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  • November 20, 2020

    It's thankful Thursday! I am so thankful that you share your children with me! I love getting to know them and will miss them during our Thanksgiving break!

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  • November 16, 2020

    Please send Practice Folders to school tomorrow (Tuesday). 

    Please sign your student's Progress Report and return all papers in The Report of Learning Folder tomorrow. Feel free to take a picture so you know which areas you should work on with your student at home.

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  • November 14, 2020

    Here is next week's newsletter: November 16-20

    Progress Reports go home Monday. Please sign and return. You are welcomed to take a picture or jot down the skills your student needs additional proctice.

    On Tuesday, we will be eating our traditional Thanksgiving lunch at school. It's the best school lunch meal of the whole year. 

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  • November 9, 2020

    Please send Practice Folders tomorrow. 

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  • November 6, 2020

    Picture order forms go home today!

    Here is a reminder of November's Fantastic Fridays

    Here is next week's newsletter: November 9-13

    If you have a family member coming to the Veteran's Day Parade on Tuesday, I wanted to let you know that our class will be outside from 9:40-10:00.

    As you read on this week's newsletter, we learned how to do the 3-step sort during math this week. I hope you've had your child explain the sort to you as they've brought their papers home this week. Thank you so much for sending the Skittles and Gummy Bears! 

    I started assessing for Progress Reports last week and will continue through November 13th. There are many skills to be assessed during the 2nd Nine Weeks. The Progress Reports will come home on Monday, November 16th. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • October 31, 2020

    Fantastic Fridays in November

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  • October 30

    If you have a veteran in your family that you would like to add to Columbia's Wall of Honor, please fill out this form, add a picture, and send it in your child's folder. Veteran's Wall of Honor

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  • October 26, 2020

    *Please send your student's Practice Folder tomorrow so I can test on the word list he/she has been studying and add new pages to practice.

    *Please read the Important Information box on the Newsletter. If your family forgot to send a ball in your child's backpack today, you can send it tomorrow. 

    *Friday is a half day. The newsletter said to email me by Wednesday if you need to order a sack lunch for the half day. However, our cafeteria manager informed us that she needs our classroom counts ASAP. So, please go ahead and email me by tomorrow morning, if your child needs a sack lunch for Friday's half day.

    On half days, the children can do one of three things. They can:

    1) eat a sack lunch from the cafeteria

    2) bring a lunch box from home

    3) bring a snack from home

    **If you are sending food from home on Friday, it needs to be either a lunch OR a snack. Please do not send both because it is confusing for your child. Thank you!

    *Our virtual Book Fair is happening through November 5th. Here is the link:


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  • Thursday, October 22nd

    Here is next week's newsletter: October 26-30 Be sure to read the upcoming events box. Thank you!

    We will have a virtual Book Fair beginning tomorrow through November 5th. Click here for more information: Book Fair.

    New pages went home in the practice folder yesterday.

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  • Please return Practice Folders tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 20. I will test each student and then new papers will be put in for practice.

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  • Spirit Wear Contest

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  • Please return signed Report Cards in the Report of Learning Folder tomorrow,

    Tomorrow is FanFave Friday. Wear colors (or shirt). 


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  • Red Ribbon Week

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  • Picture Day tomorrow!

    Report cards will go home tomorrow in the Red Report of Learning Folder. Please leave all contents inside the folder and return by Friday.

    Practice Folders went home today. Please read the note inside of the folder before beginning. These folders and all contents should be returned every Tuesday so students can be tested and new words and other items put in.

    Our Music and Spanish teachers will begin teaching in the classroom this week!