Degrees and Certifications:


Drew Bell joined the Academy, as a member of the science team, as well as the Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at James Clemens High School in the inagural year 2012.  The Lady Jets Track Team won the FIRST EVER 7A State Championship from James clemens, in any sport in 2019. Coach Bell has been a head cross country and track coach for 31 years. His coaching career highlights include 12 state championship teams, 18 state runner-up teams, 25 STATE RECORD HOLDERS and 50+ All-American athletes. In addition, Bell received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Alabama Track and Field Coach of the Year (three times), the Florida Cross Country and Track & Field Coach of the year (four times), the Huntsville Metro Track coach of the Year 2015, 2016,2017, 2018 and USA Master’s National Track and Field Champion 10k  (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Currently, Coach Bell teaches Biology, Earth and Space, Environmental Science, and Physical Science at the Academy. Coach Bell received his bachelor’s degree in sports science and his master’s degree in HLSPE from the University of Mississippi and University of West Florida, respectively. He has taught many core science classes, including the following: Biology, Marine Science; Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, Earth Space, and Environmental Science.

Drew Bell resides in Madison with his wife, Bobbi (Ms America). They have four children: Rosanna (32); Megan (25); Jase (20); and Morgan (19) and one grand baby Holly Luna Brady four months old.