Mr. Richard Travers

Phone: 256-772-2547


Degrees and Certifications:

Christopher Newport University, Newport News VA --- B.S. in Mathematics, Minor in Secondary Education.

Mr. Richard Travers

My name is Richard Travers.  I am teaching Geometry with Data Analysis, Geometry B, and Discrete Math this school year.  This will be my 21st year at Bob Jones High School, 27th year overall.  I am excited to be your teacher and am looking forward to meeting you all.  Please see the powerpoint presentation and included videos for more information.


I encourage students to look up your schedule and get as much information from your teacher's web site as you can concerning your scheduled meeting times.  My virtual meeting times are as follows:

   Geometry with Data Analysis, section 001* will meet at 8:15 a.m.

   Geometry B will meet at 10:00 a.m.

  Geometry with Data Analysis, section 003* will meet at 11:30 a.m.

*Each course has a course section number.  The numbers for Geometry with Data Analysis are 210051.001 and 210051.003.  Those last three numbers are what I am referring to.

On Wednesday, 12 Aug, I encourage you to wake up at least 45 minutes prior to your first class and prepare for the day (shower, dress appropriately, breakfast, etc).  Then find a quiet place with no distractions to log in to Schoology.

I encourage you to email any of your teachers (including me) if you cannot find any information on when you are scheduled to meet with them.  We are ALL in a huge learning process.  We live in unprecedented times now.  Let's help each other make this as stress-free as we can.  In the immortal words of our illustrious Principal, Mrs. Lambert:  "GAME ON BOB JONES!!!"