• Teacher Bio:  Mr. Craft has taught Theatre at BJHS for 28 years.  He holds a B.S. Ed in Secondary Ed and Language Arts (Athens State University), a M.S. in Theatre (The Florida State University) and a M.A. in School Leadership and Adminisrtation (The University of Alabama in Birmingham).  Mr. Craft started thatre in high school in 1987 when he played Norman in Neil Simon's Star Spangled Girl.  Since his start he has worked in every aspect of theatre including directing 100s of productions, acting, scenic design, lighting design, sound design and playwriting.  Mr. Craft currently has six pplays published.  He is married to Katelyn Craft (who is an elementary art teacher) and has a daughter, Kennedy and a son (pictured with him) Barrett.  Mr. Craft's hobbies include all forms of theatre, some more theatre, and even more theatre, hunting, fishing, kayaking, backpacking, and riding his motorcycle.

Mr. Craft with his son