• Sept. 9-13 

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    9/10 I am a member of our school RTI committee and I will be out of the classroom on this day.

    9/11 Patriot Day, please wear Red, White, Blue 

    9/9 Enrichment with Mrs. Medeiros
    9/13 Boosterthon Glow Run in the gym

    9/17 Spirit Night at Panda Express 
    9/23 First Quarter Progress Reports - please sign/return the next school day
    9/26 Johnny Appleseed's birthday - please send in empty paper towel tubes and/or toilet paper tubes
    9/27 PTA Family Movie Night at 6-8:30 
    10/7-10/11 Fall Break Week

    Sept. 3-6  

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    Goodbye summer! I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Holiday! We will be learning about this national holiday this week in Social Studies.

    Please check folders daily. Remove items I send home and sign and return any forms or notes requiring your signature. The students’ first job each day is to take items for me out of their folder and put them in the designated place. Directions: Open your folder, check both pockets, put any items for me in the collection bin.

      Parents, Please read every night – to your child, with your child, and listen to your child read! 20-30 minutes can make a world of difference in your child’s reading fluency and comprehension.

    We do have snack every day right after PE. I allow water and a healthy snack. Snacks with liquid are allowed in the lunchroom. Thanks so much for helping me keep ants out of our classroom! If you are unable to provide a snack for your child, please email me.  We have a group who is supplying snacks for anyone who needs help.

    Math - Strategies in addition and subtraction. OPTIONAL Extra practice – IXL K1

    Science – Plants/Seeds/Soil

    Social Studies: Labor Day/Communities/Landforms – We just completed, High Tide in Hawaii and have begun  Buffalo Before Breakfast and we are learning all about landforms.  Check your Seesaw journal for a pic of our Dinosaur Landforms!  Buffalo Before Breakfast also has a main character who is a Grandmother.  We hope our Grandparents will join us for lunch tomorrow at 11:40!  There will be a table on the stage for our special guests.

    Check out this video about Labor Day

    Our Earth by Anne Gibbons - Landforms

    Click here for Scholastic News online   Class code sent on Seesaw!

    Hola! Mondays we have Spanish with Senora Ingram - Sorry we miss several Mondays this year. :(

    Reading - Reading – Unit 1 Week 3 Essential Question? How can a pet be an important friend?  The games on www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com are good practice this week for subjects and two letter blends.  Enjoy!

    Here is a great story you can listen to.  See how many landforms/bodies of water you can find in this story.  It is also an AR test!  Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?

    Click here for Study Guides for all year (spelling, vocabulary, concepts):  

    Click here for To-Do Lists for all year  This is not homework!  This is what we do in class.  Ask your child to tell you what they did today.  If you have this to refer to, they can't answer with, "Nothing"  :)


    THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who have ordered books from Scholastic!  I submitted the order Friday. You are welcome to order online at any time!

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    The Week of August 26: Click here for Newsletter

    Welcome to CES 2nd Grade 2019!  

    Hello 2nd graders and Parents!

    Thank you for coming to Open House. This is my first year ever to have 100% of my students attend Open House. I am so excited to be your teacher this year! We are going to do many fun things and we will learn a lot. I hope you had a fabulous summer and I can’t wait to hear all about it. 

    Our first day of school is Wednesday, August 7th! We begin class at 7:40.  

    Below, you will find a link to a Google form I need you to fill out. It was also embedded in the email I sent you Friday. You can do it at home, or you can use a computer in my room at Open House.    Student Information Form

    IF you have not already bought your school supplies, I have ear buds for every student.  If your child has ear buds/head phones they really want to use, that is fine too!  Also, I have plenty of page protectors, post-it notes, pencils and cap erasers. Don't buy these for now.  If we run out, I may ask for donations then.

    Please read this important information!  This year we are using Seesaw to share and communicate with families! Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning. I'll also use Seesaw to send you messages and reminders. Seesaw is private; you'll only see posts created by your child.

    Please Sign Up after I have entered my students

    1. Click on this link: https://app.seesaw.me/s/780-245-808
    2. Choose your child from the list
    3. Create your account
    4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

    After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at https://app.seesaw.me.

    Please email me from any email you would like to receive correspondence from me.  This will prevent me from misspelling your email address.

    Thank you for supporting your child's learning!  If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the 'Sign in' tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.

    See you soon! You are already in my heart!

    Love, Ms. Graham